Attitude Status50+ Attitude Quotes and Sayings For Girls in English

50+ Attitude Quotes and Sayings For Girls in English


Attitude Quotes and Sayings For Girls in English

Don’t feel bad for the criticism. You know you are worthy and they are not worthy of your attention, kill them with your attitude, in addition, use our classy quotes and kill them with your attitude and bury them with your ignorance. Below are the Attitude Quotes and Sayings For Girls in English.

  1. Where do you think I was when you were just crawling? I was helping you crawl, so don’t dare show your attitude to me
  2. You don’t like me you like my attitude
  3. What happens to you is not much, how your stress about it is
  4. People think you are dumb to let them they only know what’s dumb, but you know otherwise
  5. Struck in a thunderstorm, ruined by it, you are the thunderstorm
  6. Your attitude is your way of life
  7. You think he always wins, yeah he was once thinking that too
  8. Never stay angry on a person, forgive or take revenge
  9. Hate me, I like the attention anyways
  10. You get hurt and you think I’m the reason, no my times too precious to waste on some loser
  11. Friends, money, respect you think you want them, I know what you need, a life
  12. I never knew staying away from you will do me so much good, look at you staring at the perfect me
  13. I’m your competition? How can that be? I never knew you existed
  14. It’s easy for to say I can’t, but I’m the player savage!
  15. You want to be me? I’m sorry I was just made once and a rare piece
  16. Remember me? How could you? I was not worth it
  17. I was fat and you were living on my flesh
  18. You want to talk about me? First talk
  19. It’s all for some time, then you will change the way you see it.
  20. It’s okay to quit my love, as long as you can accept it
  21. My pinky is stronger than your body
  22. You want my trust it’s easy to gain, trust yourself
  23. Family like friends, they said maybe that’s why you ditched
  24. They can call you covered just don’t answer
  25. If I had to save you or my respect, I’ll let you drown
  26. Success is not about skill it’s about attitude
  27. Problem is not the problem itself it’s your reaction to it
  28. People who know they’ll win don’t react too much
  29. I can change the world, just not yours
  30. I’ll take effort to make you understand unless you choose not to understand
  31. It’s okay to fail and take second chances as long as you try
  32. Don’t mess with my ego, I’ll rip you off your basic respect
  33. I don’t like you, let me get to know you better, like a great man once said
  34. There’s a robbery and you think I was robbed? No I am the thief
  35. I’m not a bad person, but when you fail me you seize to exist
  36. You think it was love? No it was an addiction, too bad for me
  37. You cheat on me, and come back saying “I’m sorry” I’d probably accept you, I’m the revenge type
  38. I choose to not know some people, for my well being
  39. Two things love and respect have to be given never taken
  40. You acted like you wanted the best for me when I actually got the best, look at your face going pale
  41. Hate is more first sight
  42. If you don’t have the gut to oppose me directly, you are not worthy of my attention
  43. My story is not sad but adventurous, me trying to lapse on backstabbers
  44. Wherever you are,if we don’t talk anymore I respect that
  45. As long as we’re good, I defend you
  46. Whatever, I’ve been through is what that made me who I’m today, no regrets
  47. To all my haters, I don’t like you, I love you thanks for all the attention
  48. If you can’t die in the upfront you don’t deserve to live from the back
  49. I love enemies and cherish friends, loathe betrayers
  50. For those who directly or indirectly hate me, I can see you from up here you are too small to worry about

Hope you found your line from the above, make the best use of it and let them know you are the best.

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