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50+ Best Instagram Captions for Your Photos & Selfies [2020]


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  • In the flowering waves and tides skate out of the rims. In the dancing days and nights be the moving shadows and galaxy of stars.


  • At times, what you see is an illusion, where reality is just a marriage.


  • You choose to shine bright, fighting with the darkness around. Dear, you are the star I’m super proud of!


  • When the tears get multiplied, the brain just becomes another heart.


  • Will stay with you, even when things go wrong.


  • Like the bird, you fly into your love, with all your love.

 ———–Best Instagram Captions for Your Photos & Selfies———–

  • The best cuisine I have ever seen is love soaked in the syrup of trust.


  • Let the next effort you put, brings you a win over the last mistake you made.


  • People create an impact on your life, no matter what! Its all about you are going to withstand it.


  • I fear that someday you may start missing the real you.


  • Let every curtain fall brings you a beautiful sunrise thereafter.


  • In these days, surprisingly, the sudden goodbyes are not bothering me at all.


  • Under the long rain, let us drenched again. Each drop rolling is a memory, my friend.

 ———–Best Instagram Captions for Your Photos & Selfies———–

  • To someone out there, you are the need, the only hope, and the strength.


  • I don’t want to be one among those beautiful stars, I want to be called as the only burning sun.


  • I saw the love, pain, betrayal, agony, and everything and I don’t want you to go through it.


  • You are no one to that everything of yours. If not today maybe someday.


  • The irony is, the one full of ego and attitude that expects others to behave soft and smooth.

 ———–Best Instagram Captions for Your Photos & Selfies———–

  • When it rains, let the droplets wash away every plight. When it is dark, be the much-needed source of light.


  • Situations are the same for everyone, tougher. It’s all about how one handles each.


  • Happiness is not about the smile on a face. But the feeling of contentment in heart.


  • If a failure ignites the fire in you a regret burns you into ashes.


  • If you are loyal, there is no need to find ways to escape. If you do not just stop justifying your deeds.


  • When you cant take a stand for the right thing, take left and escape into the eternity to never come back.


  • People deceive you at times, no matter how close they are to you.


  • Oh, you spun the story pretty well, but guess what reality always gets disclosed.


  • Like a drop on a leaf, enhances its beauty, the courage in your eyes makes you look ethereal.


  • If you love to judge, don’t try to fit in my perspective, else, get ready to judge yourself later.


  • Lots of thoughts are running in his brain. But all he is worried about.. a frown on her face.

 ———–Best Instagram Captions for Your Photos & Selfies———–

  • Think wise and better. You have much better things to do than crying virtually in WhatsApp status bar.


  • Be flexible, anyone can try to break you at some point in time.


  • Every drop of blood in you yearns to see you emerge victoriously. It is all up to your choices, now.


  • When you are not around, I try to find you among these beautiful stars.


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