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Life Quotes to Explore and Share – Inspirational Quotes


Life Quotes to Explore and Share

Life is full of surprises and mysteries, run along with its okay to be left alone sometimes but remember, the greatness of the sea waves is not because it raise and falls, it’s because it raises every time it falls, be like the sea wave. Your life can make a difference, but only you can make a difference. Read below Life Quotes to Explore and Share – Inspirational Quotes.

  1. If you can’t earn money that’s fine, but If you can’t earn some decent people you were never alive
  2. When life gives you lemon don’t drink the juice, harvest it get rich and drink martinis
  3. Somewhere between waking up from a bad dream to waking up to a bad dream life happened
  4. Purpose of life is to be happy, make people happy
  5. Make at least 2 people smile every day, someone one said that counts as a good deed
  6. The way of life your way
  7. You were busy making plans and life happened then
  8. We are all living to die
  9. There are some bigger infinities compared to smaller ones in life
  10. We live through some years, pass a few it okay to survive the rest
  11. So many life etiquettes I’m taking to the grave, let it Rest In Peace when they say I tried
  12. Give as much as you can, for you’ll receive back abundantly
  13. Everything’s got a purpose, our life’s purpose is to survive
  14. Don’t fail life, failing an exam is much better
  15. Number of people who are there when you die are the people you earned living
  16. Live like a you wouldn’t exist next moment
  17. Regret what you’ve done not the life
  18. Reaction is not the answer for everything, response is
  19. Keep calm and live on
  20. Keep calm and irritate on
  21. Age like a fine wine, in body and mind
  22. If your life did not inspire at least one person, what is that life
  23. It’s okay if you can’t be a scholar, be something
  24. Don’t judge your life with bad things that happened, measure it with good thoughts
  25. When you truly understand life you will start loving death
  26. If one door closes two other open, unless there are no other doors
  27. Everything happens for a reason, don’t try to know the reason it is invisible for a reason too
  28. Just because you don’t want a life doesn’t mean there isn’t one
  29. Life is simple unless you want to choke yourself on avocados
  30. Life is full surprises, people die from slipping on a banana peel and some are alive after 5 gun shots
  31. Make life a habit
  32. Like life, happiness comes from within
  33. Your life isn’t about you is about the people around you
  34. If ice cream can make you happy, life can kill you with happiness
  35. You get what you least expect, life has a way of getting in your nerves
  36. Get high on life not in life
  37. Altruism is other name for life
  38. Life is all about a struggling mans journal to the other side
  39. The best mirroring in life is karma
  40. Life is a mystery, and I live in the dark, I see what’s happening in both light and dark
  41. Life comes out not in good vibe days, but in messy period days
  42. People can put you down, life is worse it’ll kill so better get on the feet
  43. Don’t live in the past remember you have a life at present
  44. Not giving a damn is better giving attention
  45. I’m sorry I’m all caught up, with life
  46. Don’t ask for solutions ask for courage
  47. When our lives are different, don’t ask me what to do with your life
  48. To live is life, to life is love
  49. Live difficult mould yourself according to the problem
  50. People who know to live are successful, and those who don’t know to live are extraordinary

Hope these quotes have put some life into you, and has given you another perspective of life, make the best out of this, after all we only live once.

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