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Playing Plinko Game


Plinko is one of the most well-liked arcade games at cryptocurrency casinos. It is the modern digital version of the 1983 “Price Is Right” game that first appeared on television. Clearly, the popularity of pachinko machines in Japan influenced this.

The concept is incredibly elementary. A ball rolls down a labyrinth of pins, with the box it lands in determining your prize.

This page will provide additional information on how to play Plinko, but that’s about it!

In addition to the simple gameplay, the possibility of winning is one of the reasons so many people enjoy playing Plinko online.

You can win up to $2,500,000 depending on the cryptocurrency casino you play at. If you want to win the $2,500,000 jackpot, play the original version of Plinko Slot. Plinko is an excellent option for those with a limited budget, as the minimum wager is low.

In addition to the Stake Original, two other online Plinko developers exist. Plinko’s maximum payout at BGaming is $100,000. This version has a lower, more beginner-friendly minimum bet than the version created by Spribe, which has a maximum payout of $55,500.

How to Play Plinko

When you open the Plinko game, you will see a pyramid of pins. There is a hole at the top of the pyramid through which a launched ball will fall. As the ball descends the labyrinth, its trajectory will be altered by the pins until it lands in a colored box. This box indicates the payout.

Beginning the game with a wager. In general, the range of bet sizes per hand is $0.10 to $2,500,000. This, however, varies from casino to casino. The number of pin rows in the pyramid determines the number of pins in a Plinko game.

Plinko Game Attributes

Plinko, like other crypto arcade games, is straightforward and simple. There are no bonus rounds, but there are a few game-controlling features.

Automatic Mode Probability of Loss

In the Plinko Auto mode, a steady stream of balls will fall, each representing a wager. It is very different from the automatic mode of slot machines.

The Spribe version allows you to select the ball color. You may select a single color option or all three. Remember, it doesn’t just make it prettier. Red has the highest possible return, but also the highest possible loss. It is analogous to selecting a slot machine with a high volatility that rewards taking risks. To deactivate the Auto mode, simply press the “Stop Auto Betting” button.

The auto mode of the BGaming Plinko game enables you to set the desired number of wagers or balls. Minimum wager is 10 and maximum wager is 1,000. To stop it at any time, press the “Stop” button.

Risk Level

In the BGaming Plinko game, the Risk Level can be adjusted between Low, Normal, and High. The greater the risk, the greater the potential reward.

In Spribe Plinko, there is no risk adjustment. However, because each color has a unique multiplier, these colors represent the risk level. Green indicates the lowest risk, Yellow the middle, and Red the greatest risk. Similar to BGaming, the greater the risk, the greater the potential return.

Provably Acceptable

Probably, Plinko is a fair game. These games provide a hash that players can use to verify the fairness of the game on the blockchain.

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