Alone Whatsapp StatusSick Status, Captions, and Quotes for WhatsApp and Instagram

Sick Status, Captions, and Quotes for WhatsApp and Instagram


When you are sick, you feel bored, alone. At that time you want some one to be with you all the time. So here we have a list of Sick Status, Caption and Quotes for you.

Best Sick Status, Captions, and Quotes for WhatsApp and Instagram

  1. One day I wake up early to impress my mom and I got sick now.☹️☹️☹️
  2. Be happy your half sickness is already cure.
  3. If you feel sick then kick out of bed and do what you like to do.
  4. Don’t stick to bed you will only get bored.
  5. I am sick, so please pamper me.
  6. Sick! Sick! Sick!
  7. What a person can do when he is sick?
  8. Feeling bad, I am stuck in bed.
  9. The right time when I got sick is when fake people are around me.
  10. Sickness should be cure fast

Best Sick Status, Captions, and Quotes for WhatsApp and Instagram

  1. Come and meet me please I am sick☹️😣
  2. I am sick of being the only one to try
  3. Don’t come to me if you can’t make me feel good.
  4. Please love me I am sick.
  5. The price of good health is precious for the one who is sick.
  6. I will get well soon. Pray for me.
  7. Patient needs your love and care.
  8. There is no place like home. I m tired of this hospital.
  9. Help me out I am here feeling sick
  10. Spend some time with me I need you now.
  11. I  am sick of being the only one who cares.
  12. Take care of those who need you.
  13. Sickness brings the reality who cares more.
  14. The person who stays with you in your hard times is the one who genuinely cares of you.
  15. I am sick and I need rest now.
  16. Don’t need anymore arguments, your words are enough to make me die.
  17. Sometimes it’s the loneliness that can make you sick
  18. I hate being sick.
  19. Want to get healthy soon.
  20. Love is in the air and I am still in the bed.
  21. Tired of everything and of everyone.
  22. Your anger can make me sick.
  23. I can handle all bad things but not this sickness.
  24. Trying to get well soon.
  25. Come and meet me I am getting bored of my company.
  26. You don’t have time to meet me then it’s okay but please make a phone call.
  27. I often get sick when I have many task to do
  28. Attendence less than 75% is enough to make you sick.
  29. I am sick and I need people around me.
  30. I always go to visit people when they are sick and nobody comes to see me when I  am sick☹️
  31. Laugh when you are in pain, it’s best magic.
  32. Your smile can also scare away your bacteria’s.
  33. Don’t feel lonely.
  34. I am a warrior I can fight all the diseases.
  35. I can and I will survive.
  36. This time I am mentally sick.
  37. I am also a human being and I need rest, why can’t you understand this
  38. I feel sick without my friends
  39. Don’t think my kindness as my weakness
  40. By the way, I am very cool, but now the fever has made me hot.
  41. I don’t want to stay anymore in hospital I want to go to my house-little.
  42. A mini heart attack comes when the mom asks for my mobile.
  43. I hate being ill.
  44. If you have to take me to the doctor, then take me to a hot doctor.
  45. I am sick not useless
  46. Laughter kills my pain.
  47. Sick of trying, tired of crying, yes I am smiling but I am dying.
  48. Don’t disturb I am sick.
  49. I hate it when I have to eat bitter tablets.
  50. I am feeling sick come and make me fit.
  51. I am worst as a patient.
  52. Feeling low .
  53. Need energy.
  54. Hello sweet grief i am tired of being sick.
  55. Waiting to get discharge from hospital and recharge myself.
  56. Sickness feels like hell
  57. Come to meet me I am tired.
  58. Your presence can make me fit from sick.
  59. Tired of eating low calorie food.
  60. If chocolates are given as medicine then I am always sick
  61. Sometimes I feel I need a break, and have kitkat.
  62. Being ill  makes you so much uncomfortable.
  63. Staying in a bed is my favourite thing and for that I can be sick
  64. Truth is I also need someone when I am unwell.
  65. Why I am sick?
  66. Until you don’t take care of your health all your wealth is wasted in your treatment.
  67. I need an angel to cure me.
  68. Feeling low! Feeling low ! Feeling low.
  69. Dear sickness, it over now.
  70. Being sick feels like being bored.
  71. Sickness will give you your best people.
  72. I am sick and I don’t want to be
  73. I hate being sick because it takeaway my powers.
  74. Sick and tired.
  75. Tired really tired of all the things
  76. Hold on take deep breath everything will be fine.
  77. I hate to be sick.
  78. Best Sick Status, Captions, and Quotes for WhatsApp and Instagram
  79. Sickness makes me dull.
  80. Don’t make me uncomfortable I am already sick.
  81. Stop being so rude I need kindness.
  82. Low battery.
  83. Thinking about you now makes me sick
  84. Tired of being the only one available.
  85. Not feeling myself today.
  86. Unwell, come and meet me
  87. I have test Tomorrow, I am feeling sick now.
  88. Leave me alone I am sick.
  89. I am healthy by brain but dying by heart.
  90. Unwell, unfit still trying.
  91. I am going to be good soon.

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