Best QuotesTop 50 One Sight Love Status In English

Top 50 One Sight Love Status In English


One Sight Love Status In English

How long are you going to look at her from a distance? Take courage and ask her out man. Hey girl it’s okay he’s not going to eat you, go on and ask him. I the meantime here are some quotes to encourage you. Below are the One Sight Love Status In English.

  1. In all I loved, I loved alone
  2. I can fall for you but there’s nothing there to trip over on
  3. I’m not thinking about you, but trying so hard to not think about you
  4. I want not at my arm’s distance but at my breaths distance
  5. I’m at the middle of a crisis, loving you and not being loved
  6. I gave you all the love I had, it’s okay if you gave me nothing but it hurts, when you leave me robbed
  7. Hear the sound? My heartbreaking
  8. I no longer have free love to give to you
  9. I like you the way, a kid likes his candies
  10. Reciprocating love is everything, if it’s not reciprocal is it even love?
  11. All I wanted was for you to be happy and you are
  12. It hurts to see you happy without me
  13. You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequited love can survive in a way that once-requited love cannot.  – John Green
  14. Unrequited love is a tragedy
  15. Be there or don’t be at all, cause you are hurting yourself
  16. I like you, but I’m not asking you to love me back,cause I have no right to ask you of that
  17. “If we ever fall in love”, look at me wishing to have something which is not mine
  18. Everyone around you know you love her, except her
  19. Take the courage and tell her
  20. What’s the worst thing that could happen to us if I told her that I love her? She might leave
  21. I wonder how I could give so much love to someone who gives me nothing
  22. I like you and you like me too, and irony is that you believe I’m not your destiny
  23. I’d sacrifice you, for your happiness is all I ask for
  24. Love triangles are the places where love should never be
  25. Cupid is lost, where is the bow you should have had? The other end to mine
  26. Like all things hope this happened for a reason, prepares me for something big
  27. You’d never know the worth, when you have, so I’ll know the worth without having it
  28. Into the void of the lovers paradise, I stand alone
  29. Okay if you are not for me, then I don’t want to know where you have to be
  30. You make me everything- dear lost crush
  31. One side love is best found when you name your kid his/her name
  32. It’s okay for me to love alone, all I want to know is did I love you the most
  33. I’m not waiting for someday, that is not written and will never be
  34. My love will bring you to me
  35. I don’t want to save some love for me, I just showered you with all my love
  36. In the never ending tragedy of not finding the love
  37. Maybe one day, you’d regret that you missed me
  38. It was hard to recover from you
  39. I let you in even though you did not want to come, it’s my mistake
  40. What’s my problem, I can’t help it but fall for you
  41. I want you to know, you made me feel home it’s just that I’m on the streets right now. not literally
  42. Me and my Lonely heart
  43. It’s better I think to look at you from a distance than not being able to look at you at all
  44. Just look at me, that’s enough for all the love
  45. Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart. – Christina Westover
  46. There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it. – Shannon L. Alder
  47. Be brave single heart
  48. You’re girl is on the way, she’s just a passing cloud
  49. I know, there is no way out
  50. You are the best thing that changes me so much


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