Attitude Status100+ Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status

100+ Best Attitude Status[2020], Attitude Whatsapp Status


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  • Attitude+ choice=life. <——Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status —->

  • I am a person with attitude that you can’t handle.

  • “Don’t underestimate my attitude when I’m calm. I’m just like a tiger.”

  • Don’t like my attitude? huh… its your fault.

  • Attitude can convert a normal boy to a responsible man.

  • Attitude is my oxygen. And I cannot live without it.

  • I know I’m perfect, I don’t need your opinion.

  • I am the only one in this world. And I am proud of myself.

  • Whenever I need an expert advice, I always talk to myself.

  • Yes I’m still single, because I don’t want anyone to take my mama’s place. I am mamma’s boy.

  • Yes I lose all the time, because I don’t want to take a winner’s place.

  • My Parents Should Be Proud Of me, I’M Addicted To WhatsApp Not To Drugs.

  • I forgive but don’t forget.

  • SwAg MeRa DeSi.😎


  • I’m not cool but I’m limited addition.😎


  • I agree you are hot…but can’t melt me…😎😌


  • I am not nerd, I am just smarter than you .And I know it.

  • I know you are perfect, but not better than my MOM.

 <——Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status —->

  • I am made up of 100% of attitude with 0% ego…😘


  • I am who what you think, your approval is not needed.

  • Your love is awesome but I’ve my own theory.

  • Attitude is my skill.

  • Everything that kills you makes me alive.

  • I am poor. Sorry I can’t afford you.

  • Before judge me, see your status.

  • Your attitude is awesome and its hurts me, but mine will kill you.

  • Don’t copy my attitude, because you are not eligible for this.

  • When you are good to me I am good to you. When you are bad, I am worst.

  • The biggest slap to my haters is my success.

  • If you I am rich, no bro! it’s my hard work.

  • I am not fat bro…. my tummy is 3D.

  • I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own fonts DUDE.

  • I am based on my attitude, my attitude is based on how you treat me.

  • I never insult people, I say the truth.

  • My level of maturity changes when people change.

  • My attitude is the reflection of your attitude.

  • I am a designer of my own attitude.

  • I may lose and I may win , but I do mistake only one time.

  • My mistakes are very big, but it is one time offer.

  • If I’m not your choice, then your choice is too old.

  • I don’t pretend to be trendy and cool, because I’m rich by my heart not by money…..

  • You are like a mirror for my attitude, what you do that’ll reflect to you.

  • I enjoy when people show me their attitude, I know they need an attitude to impress me.

  • Coins make noise but currency notes never, that’s why I prefer those people who do but never pretend.

  • people who like me are great, people who don’t like me are great, as long as I like myself I am the greatest of the great.

  • I need mercy and the world needs peace.

  • Play games with me like football, cricket etc. If you want to play a realistic game with me then I’ll show you how to play.

  • Don’t teach your DAD.

  • I’m not a common boy, I’m a superhero for my girlfriend.

  • Time will change, today is yours tomorrow will be mine.

  • From childhood, hobby was to become a good person, but childhood was over and hobby was over. <——Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status —->

  • I have given the right to call me brother only to friends ..! Otherwise, the enemy still recognizes us as the Father.

  • The purpose of standing in the crowd is not mine but rather the one for which the crowd stands.

  • The only fun is to live in the market of attitude, people do not stop burning and I smile.

  • Be successful not for yourself but for those who want to see you fail.

  • I’ve earned my name everywhere, in the “heart” of those who like
  • I’ve earned my name everywhere, in the “heart” of those who like me and in the “brain” of those who hate me.

  • My Attitude is a God gift.… no one can snatch it from me.

  • Don’t waste your time,by showing your attitude. Life is too short dude.

  • Instead of “what you want”, life will give you “what you need”.

  • I’ll marry the one, who will make the home not break the home.

  • Lazy people fact :- 9755OO257 You were too lazy to read that number.

  • He asked: What is a Best friend?

  • I said: A single soul in two bodies.

  • I don’t have an attitude, I maintain my standard.

  • It is better to live alone. There is no pool of fool.

  • Every friendship may not change into love but every love begins with friendship.

  • Attitude is in my blood. <——Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status —->

  • I am so poor that I can’t pay attention to you.

  • Save water have liquor.

  • See what I found ohh it’s your ego under my shoes

  • Smile is my style and attitude is my personality.

  • Can’t trust anyone fake is in trend now.

  • People will throw stones at you don’t throw back to them. Collect and build your own empire.

  • Feeling low come to me I am a charger.

  • Be the superhero of your story not the victim.

  • This life won’t come back to you so be you.

  • I m the original version. I don’t copy others

  • I love to have my own style because people are always jealous of it

  • I create my own fashion and my attitude is one of them.

  • I know what’s best for me so keep your opinions with you.

  • Don’t think I can’t take stand against you I am quite because I respect you.

  • I raise my attitude as you can’t beat it.

  • I have high standards this is my personality.

  • No more negative and fake people.

  • You have ego and I have Attitude.

  • Don’t think I am always silent sometimes the silent things discover biggest destruction.

  • I am a good human being but don’t turn out me to become a devil.

  • Your attitude will not affect me I will still shine bright

  • Humble request do not interfere in my life. I am happy alone. I don’t need guards.

  • Stop being too interrupting, give some space. <——Best Attitude Status, Attitude Whatsapp Status —->


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