Attitude Status20+ Best Whatsapp status on life in English

20+ Best Whatsapp status on life in English [2020]


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You will get true essence of life if you enjoy it through out the journey. Lets share some amazing status of life from this awesome collection.

  • Don’t hate someone for the complexion, love don’t know boundaries of colour.


  • My life doesn’t behave like an angry bird, plz cooperate a little with me.


  • Words works as the worst armour, once said, never come back.


  • It’s not possible to remove all those people who are fake, from our life, but God at-least minimize their count, they are so many.


  • Just because you are upset, don’t behave stupidly.


  • I’m not upset with you, but your acts upset me.


  • If you don’t like me, please stay away, I also don’t like to be surrounded by negativity.

————————– Best Whatsapp status on life in English————————–


  • If I still remember you, you surely have something, because I don’t stay in touch with stupidity.


  • If you think from where happiness is going to come your way, sorry friend happiness is not ready-made.


  • You want a change for change, every day is a chance for you if you seriously want to change.


  • Are you worried about your money and success, count how many true friends and family you have, they are your gems, not paper in your wallet


  • Success and failure are two same things with different sides, one appreciates you privately, one kick you publically.


  • If you want to forget all your problems and worries, go to your MOM, her touch will let you feel like heaven.

 ————————– Best Whatsapp status on life in English————————–

  • Wants to enjoy in your life, start enjoying your life, what are you waiting for.


  • Love someone like no one has done before, live a life like no one did before.


  • Do you sing? Is that matter for you who is listing, same live your life in a way like no one is watching.


  • Tags is not associated with your happiness, its associated with your heart, just feel it.


  • Happiness is a key of success, love whatever you do, results will always going to be positive.


  • Materialistic things cannot give you true happiness; your inner peace is a key to open all those doors.


  • When we get real things, we don’t care and let that go. Be grateful whatever you have.


  • Life is too short to take the right decisions, but once you have made a decision, it’s not that short to execute.


  • A smile costs you nothing but pays a lot.


  • Don’t plan a result first, first planning should be right.


  • Be a person who spreads happiness all over.

 ————————– Best Whatsapp status on life in English————————–

  • Smile is good for everyone attached to you. Keep living and smiling be a reason for someone’s smile.


  • Every beautiful and lovely thing are not touchable, you just can feel them.


  • When your heart and mind stop at the same page, that would be the right decision for you.


  • Love and your happiness are two only things who never leave you alone, they gather more and more people around you.


  • Sometime s small reason a small hope, became a reason for a big smile.


  • Be a smile for someone who cannot afford it.


  • Love and life both are combined, if you take them apart they will leave you. If you make them stay together they will make you happiest.


  • Life stays there where is love, like a sun who gives you the energy to grow.


  • when you give your love to someone without desire, you get that back with compound interest.


  • A flower cannot grow on cement, love cannot grow on jealousy heart.

 ————————– Best Whatsapp status on life in English————————–

  • Let’s love grow in your heart, without it your heart is like a sunless garden, nothing can grow.



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