2 Line Shayari40+ Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English

40+ Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English


Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English

  1.  Live your life freely, don’t lock the doors of freedom.
  2. Go on a solo trip, hang around, let the world know that who you are!!!
  3. Life is beautiful don’t make it mess
  4. Spreading happiness, no tear’s  zone …. That’s all I want in life.
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  6. I make my life beautiful but some people tries to make it hell —– Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English——
  7. I want my own space so don’t interfere in my personal space!!!
  8. My life, my life and yes it’s my life.
  9. Live the moments and relive the memories. Hence double enjoyment.
  10. Life is a small game, if played well then it will make you the real hero.
  11. Life is lived in the present.
  12. Life is all about love- hatred, expectations- acceptance.
  13. It you want to live your life then be” LIVE “in those moments.
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  15. Life comes with a lot of surprises and surprises have their own defination.
  16. Life is to be lived not to be regretted.
  17. If you have this life then you are lucky to owe it
  18. Learn to live and live to learn.
  19. Your every journey plays a major role in your life.
  20. If you want to live a happy life then stop being negative.
  21. Life is like a rollercoaster ride, you have may have many ups and downs but at the end of the day its ends with a smile .
  22. Live life to gain experience not to lose experience.
  23. When life gives you million reasons to cry, find uncountable reasons to laugh. —– Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English——
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  25. Laughter in life can increase your lifetime.
  26. You should be thankful for this life .
  27. Spread happiness into the lives of others and then you will see the magic.
  28. Life is a collection of memories.
  29. I want a life where I can fly high, follow the path I want to go, and to discover myself.
  30. Life is too short , so life your life to the Fullest.
  31. Don’t live your life for the comfort of others . You are here for your parents not to impress all
  32. Dear life, you are the only one who is my constant teacher, a true friend, and a best lover.
  33. Love you zindagi.
  34. Life is boring if everything is fare with us
  35. There are some times that teaches you the best lessons of life.
  36. To me life is freedom.
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  38. I am a bird who has wings but are not allowed to fly.
  39. Dear life, I am also tired of solving everything. Please be kind on me someday.
  40. Life is a blessing and I am blessed .
  41. Stop expecting and start accepting. —– Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English——
  42. To live happy In life you should learn to accept.
  43. Many of us are not happy in their lives just because they are stuck in the problem that is not even a problem.
  44. I agree that we can’t control anything in our life but there are still something that can be handled.
  45. Roses are red, sky is blue

          Meri pyaari Zindagi I love you.

  •         My life is all about my parents happiness.
  •          Stop complaining about what you don’t have and start thanking for whatever you have
  • Your smile is the best filter in this world of fake faces.
  • Life should be based on three principles love care respect.
  • Life is like playing cards your luck can change anytime.
  • Don’t waste life in crying for others
  • My life my rules my world.

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