Best Quotes50+ Best Valentine's Day Quotes That'll Make You Fall...

50+ Best Valentine’s Day Quotes That’ll Make You Fall in Love


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Celebrate the day of love with your loved one by sharing some romantic messages, quotes or status which will express your affection towards her.

  • Seems like love happens just once is a myth, whenever I see you I feel to love you more. Happy Valentine Day!!!


  • I’m always praying that I will you mine and you call me yours…forever.


  • Whenever I stay with you, every single thing seems right, You means a lot to me….want to spend rest of my life in your arms.


  • I’m so lucky, I have you, My love I promise to behave in such a way which you like, and this special day is a chance to show my love for you.


  • My life was like a puzzle; solved by your love… is a feeling which comes from heart.


  • People say we both are weird in our own way, lets we connect our weirdness together and fall in love.

————————————————–Best Valentine’s Day Quotes & Status—————————————————-


  • All on this valentine I want is to make your last name mine. Because having a flower, cards and candy’s are great, but it would be awesome.


  • Your face is sunshine for me and your presence is my oxygen, who helps to brighten my darkest days also.


  • Being with you makes my world more beautiful.


  • with you I want to jump on clouds and dance with rainbow, Being in your love, make me feel to do all impossible..


  • I cannot promise that I can do everything for you, but the promise which I can make is to share your sorrow and will always keep you happy.

————————————————–Best Valentine’s Day Quotes & Status—————————————————- 


  • All I want to say today is I love you, I loved you and will love you forever.


  • When you stand in front of me, I feel butterflies inside me. When I hear your voice, it makes me feel I’m riding on clouds…I always want to stay in this fairy world, don’t break this.


  • If you love some you male every day so special for them, but VALENTINE, its day to celebrate all those days together and to repeat them forever.


  • I cannot express all my love in words; I’m not good at playing with them…Let me express my love in other ways, and you will know how much I love you.


  • One life is too sort to tell you how deeply I’m in love with you.


  • I want to make this day so special, magical and romantic for you…All I want from you for this to stay in “Red room” my heart until I die.

————————————————–Best Valentine’s Day Quotes & Status—————————————————- 


  • You are a perfect match for me, crazy, beautiful, fun-loving and smart enough to be would look good with me.


  • All I want o this valentine, your kiss and two glasses for wine, one for me another for you.


  • All lovers should learn how to love someone perfectly from you.


  • Our love is so special because the distance and distance of years don’t matter for us, We have the same craziness together.


  • My mind always thinks about you, my heart always beats for you..I’m not drunk, I’m addicted now of you.


  • My friends say I’m so impatient, but I’m ready to wait for you as long as you wish me to.


  • Whenever you feel I’m sad just come and sit with me, talk to me, and smile..your one smile can make me alive.


  • My love is a long journey, which started a decade ago and going to be forever.


  • People change with time, I cannot say I’m also going to be same, but all I can promise that I want to be change with you so that you can control my changes and make them according to you….



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