Alone Whatsapp StatusAlone Status in Engish for Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram

Alone Status in Engish for Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram


Alone Status in Engish for Whatsapp

We are all alone in the life game, always believe in you, make yourself more powerful. Below re the Alone Status in Engish for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram.

  1. Solitude worries us all but we make ourselves more acquainted
  2. I can mingle with people but, my company is better than others
  3. When I’m alone, I’m not actually alone, I’m talking to my inner self
  4. There is a war I fight within me, which no one else can
  5. The best you can do when I’m alone is to not bother me much
  6. Alone is the new crowded
  7. Solitude can teach you many things, from who loves you to who fake loves you
  8. I’m comfortable in my own company
  9. My love for me is more than anyone else
  10. I wish I had the time, the wit to enjoy my company
  11. People who are alone are geniuses
  12. You don’t mingle, you are not disappointed
  13. People bring in chaos, the soul is in peak at solitude
  14. Being alone is an art, I practice when I’m fed up with people
  15. There are few people I trust, and with time it diminishes
  16. When in doubt silence it out
  17. Leaving the crowded voice, makes you hear your voice clearer
  18. If alone I was left alone forever, I’d be more productive
  19. Great people achieved great things through silence
  20. Solitude leads to self attainment
  21. If you ever feel you are not enough, separate yourself from others and think about all the stuff you are capable of
  22. Alone, I don’t find love but I find peace, which is the ultimate love
  23. You wish you never saw me, I wish I had the wit to choose
  24. Before taking any decision, think
  25. Before you decide, think if it is worth the thought in solitude
  26. When you are alone, what you think is what you become
  27. The man who knows to channel his powers know no boundaries
  28. I travel a long path ahead and people come, people leave I alone stay
  29. Person who tasted pure solitude, craves nothing
  30. I love people around and hearing voices being alone is haunting
  31. Being alone in a room full of people is real experience
  32. Have you ever been with people yet so alone
  33. Society makes you a groupie, and a heart that’s beyond makes you a human being
  34. Human needs comfort and then feel insecurity in solitude, you embrace yourself
  35. I like being around people, but love solitude
  36. I have thousand faces to play with every human, in solitude I play my real face
  37. I Walked down the fainted road with no human trace, and you should have seen the peace it beheld
  38. You are not full until you are yourself
  39. People come and go, but you and your heart are the real pair
  40. The loners are fed up with the worldly pleasures
  41. Leave a man alone and you’ll see what he can create
  42. The best way to kill a man now is to put him in the 21st century, people will find a way to kill him inside out
  43. Too many emotions, blurs destiny
  44. Keep yourself around quality people, not quantity of people
  45. When the night strikes and people fall asleep, I’m wide awake
  46. Human kills another human
  47. I have a great time hanging out with me
  48. In loneliness worst desires strike my fancy
  49. Cry, sob, and do it freedom
  50. Ever felt you need a break from these people, take it now and here


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