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Best Excuses To Ask For Leave In Office


Best excuses for taking one day leave from office

Not in the mood to work? Looking for excuses to leave the office? Here we are to help you with some basic and really effective ideas to help you, first of all give them the real reason if you have something important and urgent it will do else here are some. Below are the Best Excuses To Ask For Leave In Office

here are some classics

  1. Admitted grandmother at the hospital
  2. Have to go to the police station for passport verification
  3. Has a sick dog and has a doctor appointment
  4. You have a doctor appointment
  5. Fainting in the middle of the hallway
  6. Admitted mother/ dad at the hospital
  7. Have to go meet a client
  8. Fall somewhere and tell them there might be internal bleeding
  9. Death of a family member/ friend
  10. Other approvable commitments
  11. Religious obligations such as prayer meetings/ temple festivals etc.
  12. Attending workshops for the betterment of the company
  13. Job interview somewhere else
  14. Going to recreation centers
  15. Unspeakable headache
  16. Upset stomach
  17. Hallucinations
  18. Left your home without switching off something
  19. Couldn’t reach on time or late due to car breakdown
  20. Have an emergency and have to pick up your kid from day care center
  21. Could tell them somebody trespasses into your household
  22. Shifting of house and related works
  23. Installing appliances
  24. Bank errands of the business
  25. A very important wedding to attend to
  26. A sudden call from the police station
  27. Your best friend got into an accident
  28. You grandfather slipped at the bathroom
  29. The neighbor heard some weird sound at your house, where there is nobody
  30. Have to run office errands like stationery shopping, tea etc.
  31. Got severe cramps and can’t sit
  32. Having a high fever or cold
  33. Couldn’t concentrate due to pregnancy stress
  34. Skipped your breakfast or didn’t eat
  35. Have relatives at home who came suddenly
  36. Feeling exhausted and couldn’t work anymore
  37. Fire at your apartment
  38. Call from your kids school
  39. Affected by a flu
  40. Have to a marriage coming up
  41. Got to meet the girl for the firs time
  42. Getting intimated of the bad weather to come
  43. Lost your phone have to go search
  44. Giving a complaint to the police on your lost bicycle
  45. Arrested due to exceeding speed limits
  46. Should meet with authority for work
  47. Your sister is getting married and you have to
  48. Fracture pain
  49. Lost your dog
  50. Car stuck in a ditch

So here are 50 ways to ask for leave, but don’t use them regularly it might affect your reputation


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