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Best Love Status and Quotes[2020]


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Sometimes we struggle to put right words to show your love, affection towards your partner. Pick your favorite quote and share with your partner.

  • If that person makes time and takes every little moment they can just text you or call you, they are a keeper!
    • I learn pubg to get connected with you! As your addiction is pubg, my addiction is you!


    • I might not be your girlfriend but seeing you with someone else other than me and giving importance hurts me the most!

     ————-Best Love Status and Quotes ——————-

    • Please stop looking too handsome because I don’t want any other girl to have a crush on you and love you!


    • She wore his tee and looked cool..but it was his love that kept her warm inside.


    • Be my cloud and rain, drench me with your love. two peaceful souls, in the lights of happiness,  dancing like a dove!


    • What we thought the journey of pain, was the evolution of you and me. And still finding the best reasons, together always to be.


    • Like a raindrop o the surface of the desert, I lost myself in her completely.


    • Love is not just looking at each other with roses around, it’s looking in the same direction with the same dedication.

     ————-Best Love Status and Quotes ——————-

    • Take my hand, take my whole life too, but I can’t avoid falling in love with you every time.


    • Never hurt a heart that cares you ! because that same heart will not be the one with the same care and feelings to take care of you again.


    • Getting addicted to a person is more dangerous than drugs!


    • In the presence and warmthness of you! I forget the whole world!


    • Sometimes being hurtles is much better than being a helpful person!


    • I care for you more than you care for yourself and I love you more than you love yourself!


    • I don’t think this night will be much shorter and quite beautiful with you!


    • My heart is like a child and purely innocent! It doesn’t understand endings and painful goodbyes!


    • Neither a measuring tape or a scale can’t measure how much love and care I have for you and you mean a world to me!


    • How could you sit there just opposite to me and smile and look so beautiful!


    • I could not even imagine this boring my travel will be, without you!

     ————-Best Love Status and Quotes ——————-

    • I am still in love with the beautiful moment when you grab my hand and you tighten the grip of your fingers with mine!


    • My lips wanna get sticked on to your lips like a chewing gum sticks on to our lips when you bubble it!


    • No matter how far I go, how far I moved on in my matter how many people I meet in my life, baby I love you!


    • Whenever you come close to me I have butterflies in my stomach, the way you rub your cheek is bliss moment for me!


    • Other things being constant feelings for my crush, will increase at a constant rate with everyone when I see him.


    • You are the only one who hits my priority list on top! No more list, you always hitch it undoubtedly!


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