Best QuotesHappy Chocolate Day Wishes, Status, and Messages

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes, Status, and Messages


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Shell out few bucks to buy some premium dark chocolate for your probable Valentine. Don’t go for regular chocolates that we generally eat and buy from the corner grocery store. Visit a decent place and buy some exclusive chocolates for the chocolate day. Its a special day, so you need to get a special chocolate. Below are best happy chocolate day  wishes, messages, and quotes for your love.

  1. You are like chocolates, lovely and sweet, But I admire you most as you are more sweeter than anything. Happy Chocolate Day


  1. Our love is all like a full box of chocolates, with different flavors, and I want to share each flavor with you.


  1. At a time chocolate can be finish, but not my love for you. Happy chocolate day!!


  1. Our love is like chocolate; its taste will stay with you till the end. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. You increase my temptation like Cadbury, you are so smooth like silk, you are my gems with different colors. All I can say you are my reason for happiness in my life.


  1. My love is completely dipped with your love, and spreading its flavors all around. All I want you to also merge with me with your sparkling smile.


  1. Your love is like hot chocolate for me, and it’s enough to keep me warm for entire life.


  1. My life could not be successful without your love, same as any celebration cannot be complete with chocolate.


  1. I’m sending you chocolate as a symbol of my love, without expectation just with a hope to make you smile. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. Wishing you a HaPPy ChOcoLatE Day because no another day can be a great rather than chocolate day. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. Sun can forget to shine moon can forget to rise, but I promise you I’ll not forget to shower you with my chocolaty love.


  1. As chocolate is a most sweeter thing on this planet, so I’m gifting sweetest thing to a sweetest person. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. I’m sending you a box of chocolate, and sure it will melt your anger and make you sweeter as you always been. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. Don’t be offended if I say; only chocolate can compete you in sweetness. But you can beat chocolate as you are more adorable. Happy Chocolate Day!


  1. Chocolate can be solid after melting, but not my heart, so don’t break it as you break chocolates.


  1. I’ll be permanently yours as chocolates are permanent solution for any situation.


  1. You are my nuts; I’ll be your chocolate, and we both to ought together without any space in between.


  1. I can stare anyone but my eyes only stops on you, as you have captured all my heath with you view.


  1. I’m sending you a box of colorful chocolates, with a wish that you will make my life colorful with all your grace.


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