Best QuotesHappy Raksha Bandhan 2020: Wishes, Messages, Quotes

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2020: Wishes, Messages, Quotes


Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Messages and Quotes 2020.

Raksha Bandhan, the day of brothers and sisters. This day shows the care and love of a sister for her brother. Also the lifetime protection of sisters is the oath of every brother. So let’s greet each other by sending some heartwarming wishes.

  • We never talk to each other, I don’t know why? But I am very sure that you have always showered your hidden love on me when I need it the most. Thanks for everything bhaiya! Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • We fight, we argue, we even have a different opinion but still, you are my best brother. Lucky to have you.
  • You keep on fighting whole day with me but if anyone even says a wrong word you fight with them like a tigress. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • The way you understand me bhaiya, nobody else does. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • It feels like time flew. We both have grown up doing all the madness together. Now this time I feel like saying that you are the best brother of the universe.
  • Dear brother, Happy Raksha Bandhan.  I know you are very busy at work so I am sending loads and loads of love via courier. Hope you will like it. I am missing you do come soon.
  • From fighting with each other to understanding one’s issues is all about brotherhood.
  • I pray to God that you be blessed with all the happiness and may all your dreams come true. Love you Bhai.
  • After father, a safe place for any girl is her brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my safest place.
  • I am proud of you!
  • Happy Raksha Bandhan , sending you loads of love and joy.
  • I still remember the days when we used to fight for the remotes and you always teased me.
  • Dear sister, On this day I promise to be your side as you can pray for my long life I will always protect you.
  • After fighting like cats and dogs we stand together being a family and face all the challenges that came in our journey.
  • I still remember that you are always afraid of papa and always tell me to ask permission on behalf of you. The situation is still the same. Aab to bade ho jao. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • Happy Raksha Bandhan to the most annoying yet the best brother of mine.
  • The thread tied on my hand gives me the sense of great responsibility. I promise to be your side and will always irritate you as usual. Happy Raksha bandhan sister.
  • The time we shared together was the best time of my life. I really love you bhai. Happy raksha bandhan.
  • Lets again unite together on this day and enjoy all the things we loved to do.
  • Our childhood memories were the best one to discover the. Happy raksha bandhan
  • Happy raksha bandhan! The best and the most amazing brother of mine.
  • To my dearest brother. Happy raksha bandhan to you. Whenever you are around me I feel safe. The things around changes. Thank you bhai.
  • Whenever I am in trouble you have always bring me out of it. Thank you bhaiya. And Happy Raksha Bandhaan to you.
  • May be this year we are not together to celebrate this day together. But I love you and you will be my favorite always. I love you.
  • My pray to god is that you may be blessed with all the happiness and good luck comes your way. And I know this time you are going to rock at your work place and everywhere. Happy raksha bandhan to the most talented brother I know.
  • You are the biggest factor of my motivation. Whenever I feel low you are always there to support me. Thanks bhaiya for doing this for me.
  • God gifted me such an amazing and understanding sister like and I am thankful to you.
  • Every girl has a junior super hero and he is “BROTHER”. Happy Raksha Bandhan!
  • Dear sister, I know I always irritate you, tease you and never gave you the raksha bandhan gifts but in return you never stop believing in me. I am damn luck to have you. Happy raksha Bandhan Behena.
  • Sisters are the pride of every brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan sister

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