Best QuotesHappy Rose Day Status for Whatsapp in English

Happy Rose Day Status for Whatsapp in English[2020]


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As the name suggests, this is a day where young and old couples, guys and girls, exchange roses and love notes. This is the mark of the beginning of Valentine’s day. A single fresh rose can do wonders. So be prepared, pick up a fresh rose from a garden (rather than buying a traditional one) and impress your partner/lover on the Rose Day. Below are the best Happy Rose Day Status and wishes.

  1. A single rose can be worth for my garden… a single friend can be my world. Happy Rose Day!


  1. My rose is red,
    Your eyes can be blue, but it doesn’t matter, till the time
    You love me, And I love you.
    Happy Rose Day!



———————————Best Happy Rose Day Status and wishes—————————-


  1. Sweeter than any candies
    Lovelier than any roses
    more huggable than teddy bears…
    is this you? Then I love you.
    Happy Rose Day!


  1. A rose leaves its fragrance and sweetness after a day also, by looking at you I feel that I opened a book full of roses. Happy rose day!!



  1. I have made your name mine, by sending you roses several times.”


  1. Rose knows the language of heart, and speaks love silently.  Happy Rose Day!!!



  1. Rose looks lovely without any thorns, let our love bloom like a rose without thorns. Happy rose day!!


  1. Rose’s looks pretty in your hand, same as you bloom in my heart. Happy rose day!!



  1. We are like roses and thorns, they secure each other and without one, another cannot bloom.


  1. As roses are timeless, without roses a love cannot be complete, so as our love, love story cannot be complete.


———————————Best Happy Rose Day Status and wishes—————————-


  1. In every rose-petal I see you as my dream love. Happy Rose Day!!


  1. When we met we were like thorns, gradually we discovered we are like rose and thorns, and together we can spread fragrance of our love all around.



  1. Love needs attention when it bloom, as a rose, grab my love still on time.


  1. Your Smile, laughter your beauty and your company seems so interesting to me. Whenever I see you, you become a reason for my smile. I love you like a Precious rose.



———————————Best Happy Rose Day Status and wishes—————————-


  1. Our Love will always stay as the fragrance of rose always stays on the giver hand. Happy Rose Day!!


  1. Each color of roses shows different shades of love, like our love, and that’s a beauty of our love.








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