Best QuotesHow to Hack your way through holidays.

How to Hack your way through holidays.


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Holidays keep you on your toes.They are also very overwhelming because they are so many responsibilities and so many unexecuted plans.It seems impossible until it’s done and every year the same cycle repeats.You know everything is going to work out in the end,but you can’t help from stressing out.It’s inevitable right?You just keep striving for that perfect,perfect celebration.Who doesn’t like to try out new things?It will be absolutely mundane to do the same Christmas routine every year.If you like experimenting and mixing it up,good for you,you are the festive person everybody loves to be around.Don’t let your vibe slip due to the staggering stress,it’s okay you will figure it out.Don’t lose yourself amongst this sheer confusion and happiness.We understand,it’s can be too much to handle sometimes and you might just be  occupied and overthinking insteas of enjoying.There is too much planning going on in your head and it starts  becoming unorganised right?

Don’t you worry,we are here to rescue you.We got your back.

What to do in christmas holidays?

1.Christmas says it out loud:GIFTS.

Go shopping,break a leg,buy gifts for all your closed ones.It’s a giving season.Even the atmosphere is so groovy out there,you will have absolute fun while buying gifts.And yes,it is difficult to understand and figure out:

How to chose a christmas gift?

Keep your cool.Here’s a perfect guide for selecting the best gift for Christmas.Are you being a Secret Santa?It’s even more exciting then.Get out in the street amd shop your way through the busy streets and crowded malls.Oh,you are going to love it.

Step1:Decide your budget for gifting.You know your finances.Consider all the Christmas expenses and then take out a portion for buying gifts.

Step 2:Make a list

First,prepare a list that will approximately give you an idea about how many people you want to buy gifts for.It’s easy-peasy.Start off with your family members.Then shift to your close friends.Then collegues.And then the ancillary staff at your home,office or at school maybe.

Step 3:You now know there are a particular number of people and you have it all categorized.Give one day to each category.This way,you will have something do to each day and it won’t get boring.Go out one day shopping gifts for your family members.You know the theme:the gifts should be well thought of and warm.

Second day,go out to buy gifts for your friends:decide  what to get for each one by going through their interests and choices.Don’t forget to remember the things which they have always wanted. Give it half a day and decide accordingly

Step 4:You have got the gifts for everyone.Now wrap it up.Get cool and festive wrapping papers for everyone.But don’t get confused between the gifts.So you can choose different colours for each category.

Step 5:You are done with the gift wrapping,now write a sweet,personal message which will be a add on and will make you appear considerate and caring.It doesn’t have to long,just keep it genuine and short.

Step 6:Ah,you are done with this part of Christmas.Now,wait for the main day and suprise everybody with your excellent gift making choices.

2.Decide the theme and decorate

The most common christmas theme colours are red,green and white.Nothing is more exciting than going to a store and buying all the glittery and fancy looking stuff.And don’t forget the christmas tree.

How to decorate for Christmas?.

Step 1:Look for something unique

The main point is doing something new this holiday season.So if you want to go for a different look for your home decorations then go ahead.Try to decide colour themes.Instead of red or green or white,let people know that Christmas could be about so many more colours.Mix it up a little.Don’t keep your decorations boring and regular.Find something unique and distinguishable.Who doesn’t want all the attention to their houses on the Christmas day?

Step 2:Go eco-friendly.

How to chose a Christmas Tree?

Every year this is a huge obstacle.Where do I find the right christmas tree?How will I find it for the right price?Will it sustain the decorations? Instead of buying a live christmas tree,buy a artificial one.You will have less work to do on the tree,it will be cheaper and there will be no mess.You can decorate it any way you way and it will be very eco friendly.

You are saving a tree,give yourself some reward and hop on to the next step.Minimalism is the new trend.


Food comes first.This is the most important aspect of christmas.It is what keeps us energized amd happy.Who isn’t happy after eating pie?Duh.Don’t know how to bake?You have the time,now is the time to learn.Homemade treats are much safisfying than the ready-made cakes,cookies,and pies.It’s so easy now-a-days to learn out of youtube.There are so many videos of how make different cookies,how to make than special christmas cake.You can always take help from the internet.And if you already know to bake, then just experiment this season.Try new flavors.Explore new ingredients.This wil keep you busy and will make your home smell like vanilla which is a bonus.

4.Go visit a nearby church

You’re done with the major part of christmas:buying gifts,decorating and baking.Even if you belong to some other religion,it’s wonderful to have an. experience.Because have you seen the chritsmas vibe in the churches.OH GOD.People greet each other,they sing carols and tell you stuff about the church and though everybody knows the story of the birth of jesus,you never get tired of hearing about it.So go join in the celebrations.

5.Hosting a Christmas party

Partyyyyy!Everybody likes the sound of parties.

This is the time to get together,laugh together and sing together.Be social,you will have a great time,trust yourself.Hosting a  christmas party can be a lot of work but calm down,one step at a time.

How to host a christmas party?

Step 1:Make a list of people you want to invite and send them personal invitation cards.If you make a simple,homemade invite,it would be more welcoming.Decide on the date, and venue.

Step 2:Keep it interesting.

Specify a particular dress code,it will be very fun doing that.Chose a theme and act accordingly.

Step 3:Make arrangements for the food and drinks.If there are less people,prefer handmade dishes but if there are more number of people mix it up  by ordering outside food and preparing a special dish at home.

Wine is a go to drink during christmas.So it will never fail you if you can’t decide between the other drinks or refrshments.Keep a good stock

Step 4:Don’t let it get boring.

Plan some good games and events.Let there be singing and dancing, be polite and talk to all of your guests.You can have different competitions or watch a short film together.

6.Take a short vacation.

Explore new places nearby It does not even have to be far away or a long trip.Check out your surroundings.Go have a beach day,enjoy yourself at the resort,unwind.

This will help you recover from the christmas hangover and will be a greta relaxing time.If not somewhere out if the city,you can also visit serene places in your neighbourhood or you can plan a meetup with your old buddies.You can go for sightseeing and plan a day or two with your family.

7.Pamper yourself.

Go for a massage,go to the salon,sleep until it’s afternoon,and stay in bed and watch a great movie.Ater you are done with all the celebrations,you deserve a reward ofcourse.Pamper yourself wuth good food and some alone time.Read a book, or meditate and just relax.

This was a complete guide to hacking your way through the holidays.Stay tuned for more and have a happy and pumped holiday season.



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