Best QuotesI am Sick Whatsapp Status, Captions, and Quotes

I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Captions, and Quotes


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 Status Some best sorted Sick Whatsapp for you

  • One day I wake up early to
    impress my mom and I got sick now.☹️☹️☹️ <——- I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Sick Whatsapp Status ——->


  • Be happy your half
    sickness is already cure.


  • If you feel sick then kick
    out of bed and do what you like to do.


  • Don’t stick to bed you will
    only get bored.


  • I am sick, so please
    pamper me.


  • Sick! Sick! Sick!


  • What a person can do when
    he is sick?


  • Feeling bad, I am stuck in


  • The right time when I got
    sick is when fake people are around me.


  • Sickness should be cure
    fast <——- I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Sick Whatsapp Status ——->


  • Come and meet me please I
    am sick☹️😣


  • I am sick of being the
    only one to try


  • Don’t come to me if you
    can’t make me feel good.


  • Please love me I am sick.


  • The price of good health is
    precious for the one who is sick.


  • I will get well soon. Pray
    for me.


  • Patient needs your love
    and care.


  • There is no place like
    home. I m tired of this hospital.


  • Help me out I am here
    feeling sick


  • Spend some time with me I
    need you now.


  • I  am sick of being the only one who cares.


  • Take care of those who
    need you.


  • Sickness brings the
    reality who cares more.


  • The person who stays with
    you in your hard times is the one who genuinely cares of you.


  • I am sick and I need rest


  • Don’t need anymore
    arguments, your words are enough to make me die.


  • Sometimes it’s the
    loneliness that can make you sick


  • I hate being sick.


  • Want to get healthy soon.


  • Love is in the air and I
    am still in the bed.


  • Tired of everything and of


  • Your anger can make me


  • I can handle all bad
    things but not this sickness.


  • Trying to get well soon.


  • Come and meet me I am
    getting bored of my company.


  • You don’t have time to
    meet me then it’s okay but please make a phone call.


  • I often get sick when I
    have many task to do


  • Attendence less than 75%
    is enough to make you sick.


  • I am sick and I need
    people around me.


  • I always go to visit people
    when they are sick and nobody comes to see me when I  am sick☹️


  • Laugh when you are in
    pain, it’s best magic. <——- I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Sick Whatsapp Status ——->


  • Your smile can also scare
    away your bacteria’s.


  • Don’t feel lonely.


  • I am a warrior I can fight
    all the diseases.


  • I can and I will survive.


  • This time I am mentally
  • I am also a human being
    and I need rest, why can’t you understand this


  • I feel sick without my


  • Don’t think my kindness as
    my weakness


  • By the way, I am very
    cool, but now the fever has made me hot.


  • I don’t want to stay
    anymore in hospital I want to go to my house-little.


  • A mini heart attack comes
    when the mom asks for my mobile.


  • I hate being ill.


  • If you have to take me to
    the doctor, then take me to a hot doctor.


  • I am sick not useless


  • Laughter kills my pain.


  • Sick of trying, tired of
    crying, yes I am smiling but I am dying.


  • Don’t disturb I am sick.


  • I hate it when I have to
    eat bitter tablets.


  • I am feeling sick come and
    make me fit.


  • I am worst as a patient.


  • Feeling low .


  • Need energy.


  • Hello sweet grief i am
    tired of being sick.


  • Waiting to get discharge
    from hospital and recharge myself.


  • Sickness feels like hell


  • Come to meet me I am


  • Your presence can make me
    fit from sick.


  • Tired of eating low
    calorie food. <——- I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Sick Whatsapp Status ——->


  • If chocolates are given
    as medicine then I am always sick


  • Sometimes I feel I need a
    break, and have kitkat.


  • Being ill  makes you so much uncomfortable.


  • Staying in a bed is my
    favourite thing and for that I can be sick


  • Truth is I also need
    someone when I am unwell.


  • Why I am sick?


  • Until you don’t take care
    of your health all your wealth is wasted in your treatment.


  • I need an angel to cure


  • Feeling low! Feeling low !
    Feeling low.


  • Dear sickness, it over


  • Being sick feels like
    being bored.


  • Sickness will give you
    your best people.


  • I am sick and I don’t want
    to be


  • I hate being sick because
    it takeaway my powers.


  • Sick and tired.


  • Tired really tired of all
    the things


  • Hold on take deep breath
    everything will be fine.


  • I hate to be sick.


  • Sickness makes me dull.


  • Don’t make me
    uncomfortable I am already sick.


  • Stop being so rude I need


  • Low battery.


  • Thinking about you now
    makes me sick


  • Tired of being the only
    one available.


  • Not feeling myself today.


  • Unwell, come and meet me


  • I have test Tomorrow, I am
    feeling sick now.


  • Leave me alone I am sick. <——- I am Sick Whatsapp Status, Sick Whatsapp Status ——->


  • I am healthy by brain but
    dying by heart.


  • Unwell, unfit still


  • I am going to be good soon.

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