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Ironmouse Face Reveal, Net Worth and Her Real Name


Creating online content is not new to this generation. People make content and upload it on different social media and video platforms. Well, everyone wants to do that, but some people are shy and want to produce content. So, what they do, is creates videos without showing their face. You can make different types of videos without showing your face, like voice-over videos. So, Today I will tell you about a Virtual Content Creator from Puerto Rico; she is famous for her online persona IronMouse. She has yet to show her face on any online platform, yet she is famous online. We will also tell you about Ironmouse Face Reveal.

Ironmouse is a virtual content creator from Puerto Rico. She created the character in 2017 and started broadcasting on various social platforms.

Ironmouse Face Reveal :

She has been creating content since 2017 and has made a big name in the online streaming community. So, when you get famous, everyone wants to know who is the person in the back who created it and gave voice to it. In this case, Ironmouse Face Reveal is still a dream for her fans. She hasn’t revealed her face in any of the videos of her. Some videos online claim that they saw Ironmouse Face, but it’s all a lie.

Ironmouse Face Reveal
Credit: Bloomberg


Because of her high-pitched voice, She wanted to be an opera singer, but because of her illness, CVID. She had to give up her dream. After That, in September 2017, she started creating content as Ironmouse. A 2D character, your anime waifu. So, She was streaming games on twitch and uploading highlights on Youtube. The primary goal of her channel was to upload videos from her Twitch streams. After creating content for two years, she saw growth in her channel. 

In November 2020, she got herself affiliated with Vshojo, a music company that inspires her to make music videos. So, she made some cover songs on her channel. Also, she makes storytime videos on her channel. Her hard work made her a prominent Vtuber. She has a talk show named Speak of the Devil on Twitch, and later she uploads its episodes on Youtube. The series contains 31 episodes, and every episode has a different famous influencer in it.

Ironmouse Real Name:

Surprisingly, same as her face reveal, she hasn’t even announced her real name to the world; we will be first to update you if she ever tells us her real name. We think she will tell her real name when she does Ironmouse Face Reveal.


The character Ironmouse’s age is 6669, and She said that in 2022. Unfortunately, the creator of Ironmouse’s age is still a mystery. 


Her character is so funny that there isn’t a video where she doesn’t make her viewers and her partners laugh. In earlier 2020, she was very nervous and shy and only played with confidence when she was streaming alone or with her best friends. She was very shy around people, but after streaming for two years, she grew her confidence. Actually, She is so caring to her friends and gets sad when someone says mean things about them. She is exceptionally hardworking, and she makes content for her fans despite any difficulties. She quickly gets terrified when she plays horror games despite her fear; she plays these horror games for her fans. We will see her true personality when she does Ironmouse Face Reveal.

Ironmouse Social Presence:

So, she is famous on almost all the big social platforms. First of all, she has the biggest fan following on Twitch and has been doing live streams on Twitch for a long time. At this time, she has over 1.4 Million followers on Twitch. Most of her streams get millions of views. Also, she is a Vshojo member with 11 other members.

Apart from Twitch, she has a massive fan base on Youtube. Initially, She created her channel in September 2017 but started posting in 2020. At this time, she has 800K followers on youtube. She mainly uploads stream highlights and storytime videos. Her channel has over 40 million views in total. Surprisingly, her most viewed video is a 28-second video titled “Im a Professional.” She has also teamed with famous YouTubers such as Nux Taku, Lost Pause, Videogamedunkey, and CDawgVA.

Ironmouse Face Reveal
Credit: Animeexpo

Apart from Youtube, she also has an Instagram account; the username of that account is ironmouseparty. She has 40K followers, and she mostly shares 2D photos of her character Ironmouse. She doesn’t post regularly on Instagram, and because of that, she has less following on insta than on youtube and twitch.

Finally, On Twitter, she is as famous as on youtube, got over 700K+ followers, and done 13 thousand tweets on Twitter. She mostly tweets about her streams reminder and promotes her other social media platforms.

These are all the leading online platforms she is part of. Apart from this, she has 24 thousand of members on her discord server, and she calls her discord members precious family.

Net Worth:

Well, if you know, she has made the immense fan following of all time, including 1.4 Million followers on Twitch, 800K on Youtube, and 700K on Twitter. These numbers are big, and they generate lots of money too. 

At this time, she has an estimated net worth of 5 Million dollars. 

Her main income streams are Twitch and youtube. She also generates some money from her merchandise store. Unfortunately, she also has to do weekly treatment for CVID, which costs lots of money. However, after the cost of medication, she still has a strong 5 million dollar net worth.

Health and Disease:

She has a disease called CVID, and because of it in her life, she was mostly in bed. The good news is that she has told in her recent videos that she is getting better and can finally walk.

Unknown Facts About Her :

  • When Russia invaded Ukraine, Ironmouse, with other Vshojo’s 6 Streamers, did a live charity stream to help Ukrainian People.
  • Ironmouse is also a Dungeons and Dragons lover, and her favorite character is a singer-mermaid.
  • She loves the color pink, and the orchid is her favorite flower.
  • In real life, she has a heart-shaped mark On her thigh, which she names a “Cutie Mark.”
  • She has 800 patron subscribers. She has three memberships on patron, Precious family at 1$ per month, Flancito for 5$ per month, and finally, Senpai for 10$ per month.
  • You can find her merchandise on her website, and the products she sells are t-shirts, hoodies, plushies, and mouse pads.
  • Anime is love for her, and she has watched so much anime. Besides that, she also loves art. 
  • The character Ironmouse’s birthday is on 11 January, which makes her zodiac sign Capricorn. Her height is 4ft 10 inches.
  • Carousel of Progress is Her favorite Disney ride.
  • She started streaming not to make money but to make friends.
  • Mugler’s Angel perfume is her favorite perfume.
  • One of her music videos, King: Ironmouse, has 1.5 million views on Youtube.
Ironmouse Face Reveal
Credit: Pinterest


How old is Ironmouse?

She is 6669 years old, and she revealed her age in a stream of 2022. The creator’s age is still unknown to the world.

What sickness does she have?

She has a disease called CVID.


In this world, people create content online, and some of them show their faces, and some dont. It is easy to connect with people when you are right there. But Ironmouse did something different; she created a 2D character and started posting videos by giving her voice. People loved it, and she became famous and got millions of followers. I think you are also a Fan of Ironmouse, and you came here to know about Ironmouse Face Reveal. But, unfortunately, she has yet to reveal her face. Well, without showing her face, she is creating quality content. Finally, Share this with someone who wants to see Ironmouse Face Reveal.

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