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Learn Mathematics With Puzzles


Mathematics is considered a theoretical subject and rather hard to understand at times. But you can develop a strong base on mathematics concepts if you practice enough with different maths puzzles. To understand the concepts, one has to remove the fear of mathematics from his/her mind. Solving mathematics problems can be fun if you take it as an activity for brainstorming. Various methods can be used to make tricky mathematics questions into puzzle form that becomes entertaining to solve those problems. This not only makes the students more engaged but also helps in the inception of the basic concepts about the topics.

Making Mathematics Puzzles 

A very important concept of learning mathematics is through practicing with the aid of puzzles and tables. This is quite effective, especially for young age students. It helps to build up a positive approach and interest in the subject avoiding the sense of fear. Mathematics puzzles are one of the best methods to improve students’ engagement in mathematics. The puzzles can be of different forms like brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles based on logical reasoning. Solving such puzzles can develop problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities in students.

Cuemath provides various math puzzles for practice involving mathematical calculations that help to improve concentration and logical thinking abilities in students. One of the topics covered by the website is area of square formula, let us learn more about it. 

What is the Area of Square Formula?

Do you know what square means? Let’s first understand what a square is and its structure before knowing the area of square formula. In Geometry, a square is a four-sided plane figure with all its four sides equal and every angle is 90 degrees. A square is also known as quadrilateral because the measure of all its four sides and four angles are equal. Let’s now look at the properties of squares to understand the concept better.

Properties of Square

    • All four sides of a square are equal in length. In other words, we can say the length and breadth of the square are equal.
    • Each internal angle of the square is 90 degrees.
    • Opposite sides of a square are parallel. Hence, it is considered a parallelogram

Area of Square

The area of a square is defined as the number of units used to completely fill the square. In general, the area of the square is defined as the space occupied by it. For example, the space occupied by the square-shaped swimming pool can be determined by finding the area of the swimming pool. In this case, we can find the area of the swimming pool simply by determining the number of square units required to completely cover the swimming pool.

Finding the number of square units required to completely cover the swimming pool.

Is a tedious job. Here, we can use a different method to make the job easier. Let’s know the simple method to find its area.

As we know all the sides of the square are equal. Therefore, we can find the area of the swimming pool simply by calculating the product of its two sides.

Therefore, the area of the swimming pool = Length Breadth

Area of Square Formula

The area of square formula is given as: 

Area of square formula = Length Breadth or (Side)2

Remember: The different units used to measure the area of a square includes square meter, square centimeter, square inches, square feet, etc.

Solved Example 

Example 1: Find the area of the square plot with side 10 m.

            As we know, the formula for calculating area of square is (Side)2 or Side Side.

Substituting the values in the above formula, we get

Area of Plot: 10 10

Therefore, the area of the square plot is 100m2.Are you thinking to solve your every maths problems with interesting tricks then visit Cuemath, their teachers provide amazing tricks for solving the questions and also give worksheets, puzzles for making  fun and interesting session.

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