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Love Status, Cute and Best Status On Love for Whatsapp


Love Status, Cute and Best Status On Love

Love status is best to help you write your language of heart, your immense feelings for that special and best person. Below are the Love Status, Cute, and Best Status On Love.

  1. “I do”- to tell it’s easy to live in love.
  2. From “hi, how are you” to “we need to change his diapers” love happened.
  3. Love me, not because I’m pretty but for loves sake.
  4. It’s you and me babe, two mad people with great stories.
  5. You are the iron to my magnet, earth to my moon.
  6. Hold me tight let me hear that small heartbeat my name.
  7. I don’t want gifts; I want your heart instead.
  8. We are two people with one heart.
  9. My love for you will prove itself through existence.
  10. Two people, one heart, half roti, and too much love.
  11. If I’m checking something else over you, I knew you’d understand.
  12. Remember we were best friends? Now we are broken lovers.
  13. I love it when you cover me in a cramp full train, I love the protection, I love love.
  14. Married a stranger, loved a guy, lost in a husband.
  15. You are my poem in a world full of one letter replies.
  16. You are the checkmate to my game.
  17. A proud drug addict, she smiled took another dose.
  18. Somewhere between fighting over to hang a phone call to hanging a phone after a fight, we missed each other.
  19. 90, and still singing our favorite song loud, that’s what our love looks like.
  20. Back then she corrected his homework, years later he held her hand for the ring.
  21. It’s the thing about love the farther you run away from it, the nearer you are to it.
  22. Holding hands to holding our child.
  23. Live, learn, love, fail, but never to love again.
  24. Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t care as long as I’m with you.
  25. To live is to love, to love is to accept.
  26. We’ve loved long enough, that I’ve become a mini version of you.
  27. Love? I know two people who did it right, you and me.
  28. Les rob cupid for all the love and have it for ourselves.
  29. You and I are two ends of an infinite loop with so much love in between.
  30. I’m selfish and greedy; I want you and all of the love.
  31. You, me, us, end of the story.
  32. Don’t try too much for other women/men, we are end game.
  33. You and I are strawberry with chocolate on top.
  34. Stars above don’t matter when you are the star beside me.
  35. “Till deaths do us apart” hell with it even after death does us apart.
  36. Save me the seat next to you wherever I’ll save you the grave next to mine.
  37. You were not my type until I saw you.
  38. Love is not about chemistry its bout biology.
  39. His shirt falling in love with my body is love.
  40. Between sleeping over your phone call to sleeping over you, we grew closer.
  41. Right person wrong time is real, give it some time, it’ll happen.
  42. Prince charming is on the way, hold on.
  43. You bring out the best in me.
  44. Love is beyond X and Y chromosomes.
  45. The messier we become the more perfect our love is.
  46. Let her/him go, it’s also called love.
  47. Love isn’t about grand gestures; it’s about simple hugs and kisses.
  48. I crave you.
  49. Destination = your arms.
  50. I’d live in your lips and in the curve of your stomach.
  51. Greater mistakes lead to greater love stories.

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