Best StatusNew Born Baby Wishes | Congratulation Messages

New Born Baby Wishes | Congratulation Messages


There is no such happiness than the welcome of the youngest member in the family. A baby always comes with a lots of joy, lots of happiness, lots of hope. So your warm wish to them will add more happiness.

Wishes for newborn baby. New Born Baby Wishes | Congratulation Messages

  1. Heartly welcome,  our little Angel.
  2. Babies bring happiness to the family. Welcome our happiness.
  3. Congratulations! Dear mommy and daddy. I am here.
  4. None of a scale can measure the happiness of becoming parents.
  5. May these footsteps fill your life with lots of joy and colors.
  6. Eyes like mother face like father, smile like mom, actions like dad….welcome to the world baby. The most awaited moment is here.
  7. Happy and healthy life to three of you. New Born Baby Wishes | Congratulation Messages
  8. Now its time for sleepless nights. All the best.
  9. Welcome to the family, baby.
  10. The smiles on her lips, the laughter on her face will remain forever.
  11. Congratulations! The journey of parenthood is started.
  12. From his/her baby shower to bringing him/her in the world, from a lot of nervousness to great excitement. Congratulation guys.
  13. These little footsteps are going to take you on a long journey.
  14. From being just a wife and husband, its time to be a caring mother and responsible father.
  15. A lot of excitement to have a new member of the family.
  16. Being a new parent may be scary but we all are here for you.
  17. Congratulations on having a baby girl/boy.
  18. This is the time that we have prayed for, this is the time that we will not forget. We love you.
  19. The happiness of becoming a parent cant be measured. Congratulations to both of you.
  20. Hey baby! The world is waiting to see you as a rising star.
  21. Don’t be afraid we know that you are going to be a great parent.
  22. One baby and hundreds of relations.
  23. Fear, anxiety, nervousness is now turned to joy, happiness, and pleasure.
  24. No words can describe my happiness. Loads and loads of happiness and blessings to the newborn.
  25. Feeling delighted as we heard the news of the arrival of a new member in the family.
  26. Dear friend,  congratulations! My words are not enough to express my happiness. your baby is the luckiest child on the earth.
  27. Nothing can be more beautiful than seeing the mom smiling when her baby cries for the first time.
  28. Feeling the breath of your child is the best day for every parent. Congratulations to both of you.
  29. I hope the journey becomes the sweetest of all.
  30. It’s a happy time. Congratulations new mom-dad.
  31. Lots of love and blessings for you three
  32. Be prepared for the live roller-coaster experience in your life. This time you are going to experience something new and tiresome yet lovely. New Born Baby Wishes | Congratulation Messages
  33. The little smile on her/his face can take away all your tiredness.
  34. A new toy that will change you completely.
  35. You are going to enjoy every moment in your life.
  36. Get ready to see a massive change in your life new mum and dad.
  37. Your mobile gallery is now owned by the angel. Congratulation to you!
  38. The life of parents is not described it can be experienced. Be prepared!
  39. The baby is like a magic that will change you from inside and outside. Your moods are controlled by him/her.
  40. Hey you both! Congratulation! May your child gives you all the joy and happiness you deserve.
  41. The journey from wife and husband to becoming parents is very anxious but the baby will sort everything in your life.
  42. Finally, you got your treasure. Even precious than gold and silver.
  43. Things will change, room décor will be changed, every item would take it a place to welcome the new member.
  44. God has blessed you both with million of happiness by gifting you the piece of your heart.
  45. I came to know about the newborn baby I felt so good and excitement for both of you. Congratulations on the arrival of a new member.
  46. You look good together but the baby made you perfect. The picture-perfect family.
  47. A new name is added to your family. That’s so nice.
  48. You will be called as mom and dad. Congratulation you are parents now. The best feeling in the world is here.

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