Best QuotesMost Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend

Most Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend


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Top 25+ Most Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend


The day when I fall in love, I felt I’m the strongest person, no, I was wrong, now I’m the weakest person, as someone else has total control over me, and I Can’t live without you. ——–Top 25+ Most Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend——

  1. If I close my eyes, I want to sense you, if I lost mind, I want to think you, If I lose my heart, don’t worry, I know it’s with you.
  2. I never asked God for you, but I got you, I never imagined you, but I found you. I never wished anything, but God grace I got you.
  3. Plz forgive me if I cross my line, I’m not in me now.
  4. I can cross an ocean, to see your smile, To listen to you, I can stop a clock, To take your hand in mine, I can forget about all line.
  5. Love is like a dream, who let you live in your own world.
  6. Nothing happens in this world without purpose, we became one friend and more has to happen.
  7. Sending you a warm greeting, accept with your heart, I’m not able to send my heart with this, as that is already with you.
  8. Become my sunshine, to eliminate my bill, come and stay in my heart, and just chill!!
  9. You are dam lucky, Im crossing your way, be in relationship with me, and forever stay. ——–Top 25+ Most Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend——
  10. My life has no meaning until you entered, now my dreams are becoming more lively, as they have a regular guest as you.
  11. All my desires start sprinkling, when they see you, my dreams start berating, when they sense you.
  12. My words are not enough to express my love, you are now the desire of my soul, I long for your embrace every day.
  13. If you see yourself through my eyes, I guess that is the only way is left, to let you know how special you are
  14. One single text is enough to make me mad from you, just think, if we start meeting everyday, what will happen to me.
  15. I won most of the games in life, but winning your heart was like losing mine too.
  16. Love becomes deeper with the commitment of two, it matures when understanding grows, makes you lively, when you live it, and most importantly, to fulfil all you need to stay together.
  17. Love has no limitations like a rainbow, how just know to spread colour, no one knows where it starts and where it goes.
  18. Your name is still on my lips; my dreams have still kept you. How unlucky I’m, being not able to tell how much I love you.
  19. I have selected two best hearts for love, one is mine, and another is you. Don’t give me a chance to miss you.
  20. Its easy to get someone who loves you and stay with you, but it’s really difficult to find someone, who really cares about you.
  21. A positive relationship gives you wings and space to breath, maybe you have so many options, but chose someone, who really loves you.
  22. You are my dream, my desire, my lifeline, worth of my waiting years, now become my need and desire, I promise I give you more than you.
  23. My feelings are so true, I have a huge crush on you, Infinite my love is for you, fill my days and nights with you. ——–Top 25+ Most Romantic English Love Shayari to impress your girlfriend——

25.Like a sky and earth, love is just a word but everything is in between, but they are not complete without another one.


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