When you are really sorry from your heart about what you have done but he or she is not even picking up your call. Then you can send him/ her some sorry quotes or you can update some sorry status in Whatsapp or Facebook.

25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp  

1. I know what I did was wrong and  I am sorry for that please don’t be so harsh on me. I can’t live without you.

2.     Its not easy to get back to normal when things are so worst but we can still give it a try. Please give me one chance to sought things well.

3.     I know I hurt you, and I was wrong. I am sorry baby. —–25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–

4.     If I hurt you it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you. If I say sorry then I mean it.

5.     I just want to say I miss you a lot, and I am really very sorry.

6.     Whenever we forgive someone, we feel very good inside.

7.     You’re my life my everything. I never meant to hurt you my love. I am so sorry baby.

8. Sorry may become just a word for you, buy when I say you I am sorry with my tears then I mean it.

9.     I will always wait for your forgiveness till death.

10.  Sorry and thank you never pay you tax. So never be stingy in apologizing. —–25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–

11.  Sometimes we fight, we cry, we apologize and we say sorry. But at the end we are still loving each other.

12. I wish that I could go in the past and could change all the mistakes. “But I can’t”. I just want to say that I am truly sorry my love.

13. Hey baby ,I know that my words were allowed to forgive but for once , for us can we just can’t make up things like before.

14. I know the things are mess between us, but I am also sure that one day you will be back to forgive me and we will be together.

15. I can live without food and shelter but I can’t live with your anger. Please forgive me.

16. I promise to never repeat this mistake in future you are more important than anything .

17. Heartburn is from us and it is a wrong thing to give yourselves trouble. I am so sorry.

18. Please forgive me if it’s my mistake. But please don’t ignore me, I’ll be die. I am sorry.

19. Forgive those whom you cannot forget .., forget those whom you cannot forgive .. !! I am sorry I can’t forget you.

20. Sorry for not being the one you deserved but I promise to become that soon.

21. Dear love, I am sorry for bringing up the issues that led this fight.

22. Sorry is a word for you but for me it’s a small word that are felt by eyes, comes from heart and is whispered by lips.

23. I can’t fix the things that I have made but I know how to make things better that are going to happen. So please forget the past and let’s make a better future —–best Sorry Status & Messages —–

24. Anger= fool = me

       Forgiveness= kind-hearted= you.

25. My intentions were never to make you cry nor to make you upset it’s just that things were out of my control. I know whatever was said should not be said. I am very guilty for it. Please forgive my this mistake.

26. I am very sorry for making my princess cry. But believe me my baby I can do anything but I will never see you crying. It’s the things that never comes in my mind. But unfortunately it happened and I regret for this . Please love try to solve the issues.

27. Without you my life is full of darkness

       Without you everything fails

       Without you I am incomplete

Without you I am nothing.

But with you my life is bright and colorful

With you everything goes smoothly

With you I am complete

With you I am everything.

So please come back to me to make my life heaven from hell . —–Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–


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