Best QuotesSorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp

Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp


When you are really sorry from your heart about what you have done but he or she is not even picking up your call. Then you can send him/ her some sorry quotes or you can update some sorry status in Whatsapp or Facebook.

25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp  

1. I know what I did was wrong and  I am sorry for that please don’t be so harsh on me. I can’t live without you.

2.     Its not easy to get back to normal when things are so worst but we can still give it a try. Please give me one chance to sought things well.

3.     I know I hurt you, and I was wrong. I am sorry baby. —–25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–

4.     If I hurt you it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you. If I say sorry then I mean it.

5.     I just want to say I miss you a lot, and I am really very sorry.

6.     Whenever we forgive someone, we feel very good inside.

7.     You’re my life my everything. I never meant to hurt you my love. I am so sorry baby.

8. Sorry may become just a word for you, buy when I say you I am sorry with my tears then I mean it.

9.     I will always wait for your forgiveness till death.

10.  Sorry and thank you never pay you tax. So never be stingy in apologizing. —–25+ Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–

11.  Sometimes we fight, we cry, we apologize and we say sorry. But at the end we are still loving each other.

12. I wish that I could go in the past and could change all the mistakes. “But I can’t”. I just want to say that I am truly sorry my love.

13. Hey baby ,I know that my words were allowed to forgive but for once , for us can we just can’t make up things like before.

14. I know the things are mess between us, but I am also sure that one day you will be back to forgive me and we will be together.

15. I can live without food and shelter but I can’t live with your anger. Please forgive me.

16. I promise to never repeat this mistake in future you are more important than anything .

17. Heartburn is from us and it is a wrong thing to give yourselves trouble. I am so sorry.

18. Please forgive me if it’s my mistake. But please don’t ignore me, I’ll be die. I am sorry.

19. Forgive those whom you cannot forget .., forget those whom you cannot forgive .. !! I am sorry I can’t forget you.

20. Sorry for not being the one you deserved but I promise to become that soon.

21. Dear love, I am sorry for bringing up the issues that led this fight.

22. Sorry is a word for you but for me it’s a small word that are felt by eyes, comes from heart and is whispered by lips.

23. I can’t fix the things that I have made but I know how to make things better that are going to happen. So please forget the past and let’s make a better future —–best Sorry Status & Messages —–

24. Anger= fool = me

       Forgiveness= kind-hearted= you.

25. My intentions were never to make you cry nor to make you upset it’s just that things were out of my control. I know whatever was said should not be said. I am very guilty for it. Please forgive my this mistake.

26. I am very sorry for making my princess cry. But believe me my baby I can do anything but I will never see you crying. It’s the things that never comes in my mind. But unfortunately it happened and I regret for this . Please love try to solve the issues.

27. Without you my life is full of darkness

       Without you everything fails

       Without you I am incomplete

Without you I am nothing.

But with you my life is bright and colorful

With you everything goes smoothly

With you I am complete

With you I am everything.

So please come back to me to make my life heaven from hell . —–Sorry Status & Messages for Whatsapp —–

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