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Status For Tea Lover ( Chai Quotes )

  1. A good cup of tea in the morning makes your day great.– Status For Tea Lover —
  2. Tea without sugar means life without love.
  3. A cup of tea can make a moment.
  4. Add up some positivity and some hard work with your tea. It will taste like success.
  5. A cup of green tea makes you fit and healthy.
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  7. Bond of cookies and tea is like happiness and life, as tea without cookies are incomplete, life without happiness is never complete.
  8. A cup of tea may help you to change your personality.
  9. A cup of tea is similar to life. It depends on the ingredients put to make it.
  10. A cup of tea always makes you happy.
  11. Life is like tea, it comes in different flavours in different states.
  12. Tea and life if both are handled smartly it won’t bring any burn.
  13. Tea opens our mind and love opens our sight.
  14. Everything started with a cup of tea and ended with it too.
  15. ‘Tea for free’ is the finest feeling to glee.
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  17. Life can be related to tea if you think it has not become good try to make it good. If it’s good try to make it better, if it’s better try to make a best one and if it is best just try to hold it on.
  18. A morning tea should be strong enough like motivational talks to make the start of the day with positivity.
  19. A cup of tea with friends makes it we time with tea time.
  20. Handling me is like a cup of tea.
  21. Emotions are like tea. You never know how strong it is until it is tasted.
  22. A bedtime tea makes you tension free.
  23. Relationships are like tea, it changes colour when the situation and pressure changes.
  24. Positivity comes with a strong black tea.
  25. Whenever we do something that requires heavy courage we do prefer a stimulant. For me it’s the tea.
  26. Tea with proper sugar and milk are like heavens with angels. You just feel their positive presence.
  27. We decide the best for us. That’s why even the pluckers choose the leaves on the upper halves of the plant instead of the lower halves.
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  29. For few tea would always be incomplete without the perfect add of milk and sugar. That defines the balance we should always maintain to keep our lives at pace.
  30. What defines a human being is his sense of humour. What defines a perfect tea is the sense of the tea leaves being used.
  31. Mornings are never complete without a perfect cup of tea. It doesn’t only stimulate us for the day. It senses us with the perfect gambling of flavours and quality.
  32. If drinking tea is an addiction I am ready to die with it. And if there’s any mean by which I get saved I promise to double up my addiction.
  33. What the difference between tea and black coffee asked Ram? It’s same as handloom and cotton giggled Puspa.
  34. Tea has not only been my companion for the last few years. Perhaps it has been the only one who had listened to all my stories.
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  36. The smell of tea is so soothing that I had always wanted to spend my loneliness under its company.
  1. When life gets cold and gloomy, make a cup of tea. The warmth of the hot cup in your cold hands, is the comfort you need. Take a sip, enjoy the moment.
  2. Drink tea with a pinch of imagination. — Status For Tea Lover —-
  3. A cup of tea can turn two strangers into friends, as every sip counts for a memory.
  4. Tea is the finest solution to every catastrophe and confusion of that the day may bring.
  5.  A perfect cup of tea can act like a refresh button to your bad day.
  6. The tea ceremony is not about what made your drink taste the best. It’s all about clearing your mind sip by sip and see things more clearly. It’s about achieving harmony and purity.
  7. Today I would like to sit near the window pane and take sips from my cup of tea. I want to forget the responsibilities and what’s happening around me and just enjoy the “me” time with a cup or two.
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  9. A cup of tea can warm you when you’re cold, it can cool you down when you feel hot, it can cheer you up when you’re depressed and it can calm you down when you’re overwhelmed.
  10. Take a minute to slow down today. There is so much joy in enjoying each sip of tea slowly. Drink it slowly and reverently as if it the axis of the earth which revolves slowly, evenly, without rushing towards the future.
  11. You know it’s that time of the day exactly when the sky is glowing with the shade of orange and the sun is setting down. The birds chirping outside the window and you light up the bulbs of the room. With every sip of tea you drink that evening you live a little more for yourself.
  12. The idea of weekends is to have a tea in hand and ponder all over the thoughts of the things you’re thankful for. On days like these all you need are moments when the world stops and everything settles down to the bottom of your tea cup.
  13. When tea becomes an everyday ritual, it takes a special place in our hearts and enhances the ability to see adedly greatness in small things. Taking time for tea reinforces our gratitude for little moments.
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  15. Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling on you.
  16. If life is a cup of tea, gratitude is the honey that makes it sweet.
  17. No time is weird for a cup of tea; it’s always morning in some part of the world.
  18. A cup of tea a day keeps worries away.

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