Alone Whatsapp Status{*Top 40+} Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp

{*Top 40+} Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp


When your loved one is far away from you, then only you can understand the value of that person in your life. You start to miss them badly. So here we have prepared a list of Miss you Whatsapp Status for them to let them know how much you miss them.

Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp

  1. When you miss someone all you can hear their voice even in your head. But can’t hear their voice in real.

2.           Whenever you’ll miss me, I’ll come at you and hug you tightly and will never go back.

3.           Missing you badly.

4.           She asked “did you miss me?”. I said “No”. Inner me “I missed you every day, every hour, every minute, every second, I missed you so much”.

5.           My brain says “leave her”. But my stupid heart says  “ Stop talking that shit! I miss her!!!”.

6.           We are like day and night. We are together, but I am not where you are.

7.           We’re still together but we play hide and seek.

8.           This time I am not missing you but my heart. ———-Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp, Missing you status for whatsapp ——————

9. I wish I too be with you instead of missing u.

10.         I miss you from the depth of my heart.

11.         Initially your name was in my every breath with “I love you”. Even today I am breathing your name but with “I miss you”.

12.         I miss you when my heart beats.

13.         The hardest thing is not thinking of that person you were used to talk  every day.

14.         My arms love you very much, it asks about you all the time.

15.         I miss those moments that we had together.

16.         I’m still very busy but whenever I get some time I always miss you.

17.         I wish you were here to hug me and say everything is gonna be okay. ———-Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp, Missing you status for whatsapp ——————

18.         When I close my eyes, I always remember you. When I open my eyes “I miss you”.

19.         I wish you miss me like I miss you too.

20.         It hurts me when I am not with you!

21.         I did 3 things today. Saw your pics, thought of you, missed you. This is my daily routine.

22.         When I miss you, my brain never works properly.

23.         My heart is seeking for your presence.

24.         I’m not missing you, but my heart, my lips, my eyes.

25.         I wish I could see you 1 more time, talk you, hug you tightly. But I can’t. I miss you.

26.         Life is too short, so forget everything and come back to my life. I still miss you.

27.         I smile all the time, it doesn’t mean that I’m happy. I smile because you are happy. But inside I’m missing you badly.

28.         I wish these days would be less than 24 hours, so that I miss you a little less today.

29.         My ears want to hear your voice, my eyes want to see your face, my arms want to hug you tight, my heart want to beat again faster that it was beating at the first time I saw you, and I don’t want to miss you anymore.

30.         What is the meaning of one? I and U.

31.         I never said, whenever I am with you I feel like I am heaven. I never said, whenever I miss you, I feel like hell.

32.         They say, it takes 21 days to forget something. I say it’ll take me 21 births to forget you. Because I miss you every day, minute, and every second.

33.         I did mistake, you gave me punishment of missing you. ———-Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp, Missing you status for whatsapp ——————

34.         I like missing you. Because missing someone is better than being in a relationship and fight. It doesn’t stop me from thinking about our beautiful moments that we spent together.

35.         If love is for missing someone then why to love? If missing someone teaches us how to love, then to love?

36.         I wish I could say “I love you “, instead of saying “I miss you”.

37.         Still my eyes are waiting for your return, please come back soon. I miss you a lot baby!

38.         I have a void hole in my heart, only you can fill this. Please come back baby, I miss you.

39.         Whenever something really good happens, I miss you. Because you are the one I want to share it with.

40.         A key to keeping your girlfriend is getting her to miss you. ———-Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp, Missing you status for whatsapp ——————

41.         The reason why we miss each other is because our souls are connected.

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