Business11 Great Investments Every Writer Should Make

11 Great Investments Every Writer Should Make


Making the right investment decisions as a writer can help you improve your craft and achieve your writing goals without waiting for years. Here are eleven great investment ideas that will enable you to get recognition faster – keep reading!

1. Invest in Translation

You won’t be able to get foreign readers to read your books if you don’t translate your books. Having your work translated into other languages will help you sell more copies of your book and also enable you to connect with thinkers from different regions. 

You can find translators for hire online to find a skilled writer who can translate your work into another language without compromising on your message. 

Before hiring a translator, make sure you review their portfolio, testimonials, and fees to get the best value for the money you spend. 

2. Invest in Better Tech

You cannot ignore tech as a writer in this digital age. If you want to perform research faster and boost your productivity as a writer, you will need to get your hands on tools and gadgets that best suit your needs. 

For example, writing on a laptop that has an amazing keyboard and long-lasting battery can help you write on the go. 

Choosing the right gadgets and tools as a writer doesn’t require you to be a “nerd.” You can go online to find reviews of tech-savvy writers about products that can help you achieve your writing goals faster. 

3. Invest in Your Health

Taking care of your health will allow you to get the most out of your writing routine and ensure that you can project your creativity in writing. The more you invest in your health, the easier you will find it to achieve the writing goals you set for yourself. 

Investing in your health doesn’t require you to spend every single penny on costly meals. To get started with your “health investment,” you should consider setting up a gym at home. 

Buying gym essentials will allow you to exercise without having to pay for a hefty gym membership and wasting a lot of your time. 

4. Invest in Marketing

You will never be able to sell more copies of your book if you don’t have a strong marketing plan. The good thing about marketing is that it has a great ROI and can help you boost your personal brand in a short time. 

Creating a specific marketing plan as a writer is super easy. To get started, you should identify the famous social channels in your target audience. 

Knowing where people in your readership are the most active will help you plan your marketing strategies the right way. 

5. Invest in Networking

Having skilled writers, editors, proofreaders, and publishing professionals in your network will allow you to get discovered by more readers in a short time. 

Contrary to what many people think, starting with networking as a writer doesn’t require you to invest much of your time, money, and effort. 

Networking can get easy if you start exploring online channels. The good thing about online channels is that they allow you to contact the right people without having to join in-person networking events. Make sure you explore different online groups made for writers so you can grow your network faster. 

6. Invest in Learning

Learning is something you can never ignore as a writer. If you don’t have better knowledge and skills, you will never be able to develop your unique writer’s voice. You must invest your time and effort in learning so you can write something that engages, informs, and entertains your readers. 

In this digital age, you no longer need to join in-person classes to boost your skills. The simplest way you can enhance your skill set is by taking online courses. Enrolling in an online course allows you to learn new things at your own pace. 

7. Invest In Your Website

Creating accounts on social channels can help you grow your audience. However, your presence on social platforms cannot always help you make a strong “first impression” on your readers. 

As a seasoned writer, you should consider Investment in your website to strengthen your online brand. A great website can help you provide a “personalized” online experience to your existing and prospective readers. 

It’s better to get help from a professional web developer to get a website that looks appealing and meets all the security standards.

8. Invest In Books

Reading more books is something you can never regret as a writer. The more you read, the easier it will be for you to improve your writer’s voice. 

Instead of spending your money on buying expensive clothes and food items, you should consider investing your money in books. 

Reading more books will allow you to sharpen your writing skills in a short time. Ensure you buy a proper “bookshelf” to store all your books properly. Consider buying a bookshelf online to save money and get value for what you spend. 

9. Invest In Creative Hobbies

Writing is a creative pursuit that requires you to have a strong grasp of different domains. To ensure that you can present all your thoughts in a digestible manner, you should consider spending time pursuing creative endeavors. 

For example, you can try Investment in painting tools to portray your creativity on canvas and, eventually, on paper. 

You don’t need to buy expensive gear when starting a new hobby. It’s better to buy affordable stuff to ensure that you can explore different hobbies without burning all your money. 

10. Invest In Your Writing Space

You won’t be able to focus on your writing if your writing space is not personalized according to your needs. This is why you should consider making changes to your writing space. 

Renovating your writing space is a great option if you don’t have budget problems. However, if you cannot spend a lot of money, here are some affordable changes you should make:

  • Try painting the walls with vibrant colors. 
  • Invest in some good wall art. 
  • Buy ergonomic furniture.

    11. Invest In Vlogging Gear

    Publishing videos online is a great way to engage your readers and encourage more people to read your books. Make sure you Investment your savings in buying good Vlogging gear that can help you record good videos on the go.

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