IT DepartmentA Quality UPS System & Why All Australian Businesses...

A Quality UPS System & Why All Australian Businesses Need It In 2024.


It has happened to the best of us here in Australia when we are doing something really important, our computer stops suddenly the power goes off. If you haven’t set your PC to save automatically every 20 to 30 seconds then all of the work that you did up until that point will have been lost and this is an incredibly frustrating situation to find yourself in. You may not be aware of it but the Australian electrical grid does experience drops in power and spikes in power as well, and just because it happens so quickly, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t occur.

You never want to find yourself in a situation where you are doing work for an hour and then it is lost in just a fraction of a second and so this is why you need to invest in Eaton UPS systems that will give you those extra few seconds or minutes to save your work and to safely shut down your PC. The letters UPS stand for ‘uninterrupted power supply’ and the following are just some of the reasons why all Australian businesses need one in 2024.

  • It provides power protection – As was pointed out briefly before, we do experience power surges throughout the day and drops as well and this is not good for any of the electronic devices that you use within your business operations. If the voltage is not correct then this can damage the internal circuits in important equipment and machinery and you will end up having to spend thousands of dollars replacing these well before their time.
  • It stops data loss – All businesses use technology every single day of the week and if you lose any important data with regards to customer information, supplier information or your own company’s information then this can put you in a severe situation that you may not recover from. If you have an online store as well as your brick-and-mortar store and critical that is lost then this can amount to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.
  • It helps with business continuity – No business can afford to have any downtime at all never mind if your computer system has been down for a few hours because time is money as they say. If you are unable to use your computers as well as your other important equipment then this will lead to drops in revenue, reduced productivity and customers may lose their trust in your business. Investing in a UPS ensures that your systems are protected and this includes your servers, all communication devices and of course your security.

The thing to remember here is that UPS systems come in many different sizes to suit small businesses and much larger ones as well. Due to their popularity, they have become incredibly affordable and so it doesn’t make any business sense not to have one operating for your business as it is a very wise investment.

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