TravelA Comprehensive Guide to Relocating to Thailand

A Comprehensive Guide to Relocating to Thailand


More and more Western people have had enough of the current craziness and rather than put up with rising prices, high levels of unemployment and the chemtrails we see in our skies on a daily basis, many folks are looking to relocate to Thailand and who could blame them?

In this short article, we offer valuable information to help you plan your relocation to the tropical paradise that is Thailand.

Long term visas

Of course, if you planning to stay longer than a few weeks, you will need a long-term visa, which might involve long stay visa insurance and you can find suitable policies from the online health insurance provider. Both ‘OX’ and ‘OA’ visas have mandatory requirements for approved long-stay insurance; talk to an established visa agent for more information. 

Owning property

Thailand does not permit foreigners to own land, however, you can lease a plot of land for 30 years with a further 30-year option. Another way to secure land is to set up a limited company and the land can be acquired in the company name. You can, however, own a condo unit, which is the preferred choice for many expats. Some prefer to rent, which gives you the freedom to move around the country; we recommend consulting with an English-speaking Thai lawyer to find out more about property acquisition. 

Choosing where to live

Thailand is a huge country with a diverse range of locations, from the tropical beaches in the south to the lush valleys and mountains in the northern region of Thailand. 

Popular places for expats include:

  • Pattaya
  • Hua Hin
  • Cha-Am
  • Koh Samui
  • Phuket
  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Rai

Aside from the above, English is not widely spoken in Thailand, so you might want to bear that in mind. If you are unsure about where to set up home, rent for a couple of months, which should be ample time to discover if the area is for you. If not, research another location and stay there for a couple of months and repeat until you find the right area that meets your needs. If you are a beach person, the south of Thailand would be your best bet, while the north typically has lower temperatures; Chiang Mai is popular with expats, as is the Eastern Seaboard with Pattaya and Chonburi. Click here to find out why children should learn to read at an early age.

Importing furniture and personal possessions

Many expats are unsure what to do regarding bringing furniture from home; obviously, it is very expensive to hire a container, then you may have to pay import duty; seasoned expats would tell you to sell everything in your home country and buy new when you arrive in Thailand. Furniture is very cheap in Thailand and to avoid hassle with customs, buy new when you arrive.

Thailand is a wonderful nation that has much to offer retirees and we hope this article helps you plan your retirement.

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