2 Line ShayariTop 50 Best Love Couplets To Impress a Girl

Top 50 Best Love Couplets To Impress a Girl


Best Love Couplets To Impress a Girl

Couplets are gateways to make the girl yours. Impress a girl with just two lines. Couplets are impressive two-line poems; you can use to impress a girl. Here are 50 such couplets that will save your life anytime, anywhere, especially at her birthday, anniversary, and where not. Below are the Best Love Couplets To Impress a Girl.

  1. The moon is nearer today, not in the sky but next to me
  2. Did you wear makeup? I can tell the difference because I like you better without it.
  3. Do you know beautiful people don’t know they are actually beautiful, like you?
  4. Are you feeling okay? You were pretty worked out in my dream yesterday.
  5. I fell earlier today and I’m falling again for you.
  6. I feel cold, is it the climate or is it the glance from your eyes.
  7. I have only two eyes, stop stealing them both with your face.
  8. Could you check your bag, if you have anything that beats 72 times a minute, I definitely think you have my heart?
  9. Where were you so long? I searched everywhere and it literally took 21 years away.
  10. Do you know what time is it? Yeah good time with you
  11. You have no idea how much I hate leaving you alone, even the bees want you.
  12. Do you want to say something? Like, I love you, babe?
  13. There are 7 billion people and I’m not even interested in them.
  14. Roses are red violets are blue I was gonna say I love you
  15. Take your time because I’m still in the process of finding you
  16. Oh you’re right, I hear your heart screaming I love you
  17. Hello mam, are you saying something to me? I’m sure that eyes are called me here.
  18. I fell for your eyes first, others came falling for me
  19. You are many things but not a thief, where is the heartbeat I skipped?
  20. Why are you looking at me? Turn around let me look at you for sometime
  21. Do you need a stitch? To stitch your heart to mine.
  22. I only have one heart to give to your 100 personalities
  23. Just hear me out, our kids are safe. We don’t have kids? Oh that’s just my imagination
  24. What do you think about love? Idiotic? I’m the idiot you are looking for
  25. Knock knock, who is this?, Ella, Ella Who? Ella you.
  26. I’m sorry for taking long, I was just lost in your eyes.
  27. Now that I’ve seen you, I don’t remember a time before you.
  28. It’s good that you’ve come to me now, how do you expect me to love you?
  29. My compass was suddenly mad running around, I think i found my pole in you
  30. Will you be the first one to call me babe?
  31. Will you be my dream
  32. You are the chocolate bar I found, I did not know I need it till I saw it.
  33. I’m sorry if you are hyped but I plan to do so for the next 50 years
  34. What are you doing later? Like for the next 70 years? Wanna grow old together?
  35. Just telling if you have me you have everything
  36. You wanted a bodyguard, how about a lifeguard
  37. You are the clouds to my sky, without you I’m plain
  38. Don’t know if we could go together, but we could definitely go with each other
  39. You feel like home to me
  40. I have ten fingers and two hands just to hold you
  41. Now I know why god gave me these eyes, to gawk at you
  42. Could you please call me tomorrow? So that I know I’m alive.
  43. What’s with the virus? There is no virus without US.
  44. Hey are you cupid? You are shooting arrows all over me.
  45. If you’re the old cookie box, I’m surprised to find cookies.
  46. Why would you leave so soon, how about some coffee and love?
  47. “Beautiful”, but you are sarcastically killing me with looks.
  48. How are you today, you were a little too amazing yesterday.
  49. “Friends?” shortest impression.
  50. I’m alive today isn’t it enough to tell you’re beautiful.

Go! Get the girl, these are some awesome impressions, don’t forget to add your little touch, and off course her favorite snack. Can’t wait to see you get her! All the best. Best Love Couplets To Impress a Girl.

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