Best QuotesTop 50 Missing School Days Quotes For 2021

Top 50 Missing School Days Quotes For 2021 [ Emotional ]


Missing School Days Quotes

Until we were in school, we did not know the pain of leaving behind something, but now I know the problem distance creates between us to some of our school memories. Below are the Top 50 Missing School Days Quotes. You Will Get Many Memories of Childhood in these quotes as childhood and school time was our precious coin.

Here we have included beautiful school memories Quotes, childhood school memories quotes, School Life Quotes and few funny school quotes

  1. I miss our flying missions and the scoldings
  2. School is like home
  3. When I think of happy I think of school
  4. I don’t like school I love it
  5. School is not really about the education, it’s about the people and places
  6. The memories we created here are memories for life
  7. When I was a kid I wish I completed my school sooner, now I wish I go back there
  8. If I was struck in the never ending school loop I’d be happy
  9. The memories we made are like dust the longer you don’t see it , the bigger it’ll be
  10. What do you want me to tell? About the guy who crushed over my friend or about he days we stood out in the corridors
  11. I still remember the way we murmured after we threw away the most important file in the teachers lounge
  12. They called us out in the assembly and made very proud
  13. it’s not just school to me it’s the chapter I never wanted to end
  14. I can’t forget the way we sat in the steps commenting on others
  15. Food reminds me of stealing my best friends food at the gate
  16. Friends I made there stay there
  17. How we walked out of the class for the mistake you made
  18. Sometimes I think teachers were jealous of who we made our days memorable
  19. We may not like each other but when it comes to a class we die for each other
  20. Remember the times we scribbled down the notes, as the bell rang
  21. Remember all the drama?
  22. School might not be the best place for a lot of us but it was one hell of a memory
  23. I just can’t forget how we planned for a movie as soon as the principal said we were suspended
  24. Everybody lost to us
  25. We were the proud school girls everyone respected us, was afraid of us
  26. Good Times & crazy friends make the best school memories.
  27. Boring uniforms, unadjustable tie, different kinds of shoes,
  28. many sections, many classrooms, one best friend, one favorite teacher
  29. definite bench sharing partners, too many crushes, one school million memories.
  30. Games period is always 10 mins longer
  31. Skirts and pants, pony and plates, thick and skinny, boy and girl, nothing ever mattered there
  32. Because we miss the school
  33. Everyone was jealous of how we made our schooling the best
  34. Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends,because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.~ APJ Abdul Kalam
  35. School memories never fade.
  36. School times end but memories last forever.
  37. School memories never disappear!
  38. Higher school friends are my life savers
  39. They bought me joy and love and hate at the same time
  40. I always wondered how did it start
  41. We were strangers and suddenly we were best friends forever
  42. Memories bring back school
  43. Memories lapsing over itself yet it’s vivid in my dreams
  44. I have people who make me happy
  45. Memories are the best part of today, it has love and friendship
  46. Friends are forever and love is constant
  47. My love for you is true
  48. The wanted punishments we got for each other
  49. If you haven’t laughed in front of the principal you haven’t lived
  50. People love you for who they think you are, that’s school for you


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