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Top 50 Sad Quotes That Will Relieve Your Pain


Sad Quotes That Will Relieve Your Pain

Feeling sad is fine, it’s for a reason you are not feeling really well, give it some thought, cry and do whatever, here are some quotes to get over it. Below are the Top 50 Sad Quotes That Will Relieve Your Pain.

  1. Feeling sad? Life’s all about the ups and downs, of not for the downs how will we know the ups?
  2. If I’m sad don’t leave me alone, probably a hug is all I need
  3. Today was bad, probably tomorrow will be worse, and the day after that. Its attacking me
  4. I’m showering in all the sadness of the world
  5. Don’t forget to cry when you’re sad then get up wipe it off and find ways to not be sad
  6. When cry, cry alone let no one see, because all they are one, happy that you’re crying or two, happy that you have the same problem
  7. I can act great, totally broken inside and say, on top of the world to others
  8. Feel sad, cry often, in a period of time, you’ll be tired to cry
  9. In a great disaster if there’s one small happiness, cherish over it
  10. Sad or happy it comes from within, as long as you choose the right feeling, life’s pretty
  11. We are all broken at some point of time, just remember there’s a man who, has no arms and eating with his legs are happy
  12. Sad means smile and dance
  13. It hurt when you left me, but I’m happy that you left
  14. Happens for a reason, and you don’t know the reason look stupid,not sad
  15. All the brightness is leading to an eternal dark
  16. The greatest torture is being left unnoticed
  17. I was acting all along and they loved me
  18. Worlds a stage and you have 1000 faces to play
  19. Don’t be sad for too long, let it go
  20. People see what they want to see, don’t hurt yourself with their opinion
  21. Hold your tough when you are sad and angry, because you might let words out, that you don’t mean
  22. Life is a rock, we need to keep hitting to go to the other side
  23. So many scars on the inside will stay
  24. I might be the white crayon, but I correct mistakes not make them
  25. I can forgive you but not forget what you did to me.
  26. I feel hard, and there were just people laughing around me
  27. I’m a sea wave I feel up and low some times
  28. You can be happy or sad you can’t be both happy and sad at the same time
  29. I wish I could hold on to this embarrassment so I know how not to do it again
  30. I moved on,and you did too then why do I feel like cheating
  31. We don’t talk anymore, but I think little too much about you all the time
  32. In love and war there are no rules, maybe that’s why we are doing it wrong
  33. When you getting over with things,think how it began and you don’t have to leave
  34. Staying alone is better than being sad
  35. I let you go and you never came back like the pigeon Noah let out
  36. Hearts are foolish brains are stupid, we are foolish stupids
  37. Don’t run into a room with anything, stay and evaluate things
  38. The reaction is important but the reply is even more important
  39. Don’t talk behind the back like others, ask them out and clear the misunderstanding
  40. Good people are open and do not talk behind us
  41. I’m might be sad, and eyes halted with tears, but I can clearly see the betrayers
  42. I hate the empty hopes you give me, with nothing in between
  43. It’s the story of my life-sadness
  44. Genius can’t answer your questions, only you can
  45. Ask out, don’t start imaging stuff
  46. People who smile the most are the most hurt
  47. Depression comes in shapes and sizes
  48. I might look happy and be normal, but inside I’m an atom bomb
  49. Smiling outside, putting to rest a thousand universes inside
  50. I’m broke, in terms of money and heart

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