Best QuotesWhatsapp Status for Bikers in English, Quotes, Images

Whatsapp Status for Bikers in English, Quotes, Images


Whatsapp Status for Bikers in English

For all the bikers out there, want something worthy to show others your rush, here are some quotes. Below are the Whatsapp Status for Bikers in English.

  1. Live like a biker, passing every moment and running to the destination
  2. Every bikers best friend is the breeze that hits their face during the ride
  3. The adrenaline rush when you do a clear cut in the edge of the mountain to turn is real
  4. When you have big problems ride far away, from there you’d realize it’s small after all
  5. Save money, get good company take both on a long ride, let the destination be life itself
  6. Don’t mess with a rider, he’s seen far and dangerous
  7. A bike is a dream for some, a ride is a dream for all
  8. unannounced races on the middle of the road when two bikes meet is race
  9. Showing off is a part of the ride
  10. Bikers have a huge heart, we don’t ask you anything, and help you without expecting a return
  11. Sunshine reflecting on the mirror and makes us feel like a saint
  12. Your bike your thing, you can put a water bottle hole or a burger stand
  13. Waking up and wanting to ride so, you take the bike and leave to drink some coffee on the hills and return
  14. I render my life on two wheels
  15. If I’m riding a bike slow at an empty road, don’t disturb me
  16. One bike= many girls but many girls not equals bike
  17. Hold, trigger, feel
  18. Ride like you have people waiting for you at home
  19. My bird dreams are fulfilled
  20. Fuel is my water
  21. On the highways, moody clouds, tea
  22. Yea, I saw the speed sign I just did not see the officer
  23. Riding a bike is like time travel, we go past all the happening stuff and do not stop.
  24. Life is short, so hold and throttle
  25. Bikes don’t disappoint, except for occasional no-reason stops
  26. The bike taught me how to care for something
  27. I got into a accident once, and It was the tenth time
  28. Bikers are familiar with accidents
  29. All of us need a machine to take care of us, cause only a machine can handle the madness
  30. I’m amused to not seeing any kids riding
  31. I drive faster to escape the madness
  32. Have you ride with the rain, I have and I’m a rider
  33. When life gives you turnings, learn to skid
  34. Peace of mind is in the air
  35. Two wings = two wheels
  36. Keep calm and move on
  37. Being a biker means living all the best moments of life
  38. The feeling of learning to ride s bike for the first time lasts forever
  39. The roads take us to surprising destinations
  40. I did not plan the adventure, the adventure planned me
  41. I did not ride the bike, the bike rides me
  42. I live to ride
  43. The world runs in two wheels
  44. I’m alive because If the adrenaline in my bike
  45. Ride with the wind, who know what’s waiting for us
  46. Take the wrong roads, it leads to right destinations
  47. A man without a bike is a bird without wings
  48. Just riding
  49. Feel the breeze and take your time
  50. When I die bury me in the fuel tanks

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