2 Line ShayariShayari To Propose a Girl in English | Impressive...

Shayari To Propose a Girl in English | Impressive Couplets


Shayari To Propose a Girl in English | Best Love Couplets That Will Make You Romantic

1. You are the unacquainted love I suffer from,Will you be mine —- Shayari To Propose a Girl in English ——
2. Can I have you forever, cause I’m irrevocably and madly in love with you
3. Will you be my Netflix partner for the next 50 years? Will you marry me
4. I’ve fallen head over heels for you, so will you marry me
5. Will you be my happily ever after, and live in a castle? With me
6. You can have my heart, and make me the luckiest person alive
7. We are a match made in heaven, I mean heaven in my heart
8. I love you to Pluto and back, and all set for the next trip too
9. I want to grow old with you, annoy you and love you be mine
10. Will you keep giving me butterflies in the stomach
11. I like the idea of you and me forever
12. I like you, will you marry me
13. I’ve got crush on you since a long time now, will you love me back
14. I’ll give you the stars, except for the ones in the sky
15. How about we start with forever will you be my girlfriend
16. Will you imprison me with your love and let’s do this together
17. “Nyaan ninne premam cheyan” I love you in Malayalam
18. You swept me off my feet like a broom and I want to fly in it with you
19. I want to make love to you and laugh at your double chins
20. Will you let me raise our kids
21. You are Greek and Latin to me so let me have you and study you for the next 30 years
22. You are my drug
23. You will always be right when I’m with you, else I’ll be wrong
24. Will you be my queen
25. Will you marry me? So that I don’t get arrested for trying to steal your heart
26. You’re the one, be mine
27. You are the salt to my life will you always be my salt
28. I’ll always be there for you, with you and love you
29. You are my infinity
30. I love you more than pizza
31. I’m crazy to meet you
32. You make me feel real
33. How about some coffee and love
34. I’m the Superman to your kryptonite
35. Take to with you heaven or hell doesn’t matter
36. You make me go wild
37. I would love to go around the world with you
38. Will you be my forever
39. You make me a mad man
40. You are rare and beautiful
41. You are my pizza
42. I care for you more
43. In a boat full of chocolates, I’ll still save you
44. I trust you with my internet history
45. I would totally ink your name
46. I trust you with my life
47. ‘Ill choose you over Nutella
48. Sarangeyo(i love you in Korean)
49. How about you, me, Paris?
50. If we go down, we go down together.
Have a great day, proposing to your love, and as always don’t forget their favorite snack. Hope you like these Shayari To Propose a Girl in English

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