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Congratulation Wishes for New Born Baby


Wishes for New Born Baby

Baby’s make us happy, seeing them gives us pleasure, and it’s time to wish them for coming into this world, here are some amazing wishes for newborns. Below are the Congratulation Wishes for New Born Baby.

  1. I wish this child all the good in the world
  2. May God bless their beautiful soul
  3. Let God shower you with wisdom like Daniel
  4. Welcome to this wonderful world, you are joy
  5. Being born here, you make us all happy and joyful
  6. Make everything possible, be the one
  7. I wish you all happiness in the world, be happy so that we’ll be happy
  8. Your fragile hands are very strong in my fingers, be you
  9. Grow up to be unique and loved by all
  10. You bring so much joy into this world
  11. No wonder this baby is going to fill you with happiness
  12. Welcome to the world, love
  13. You two are so much in love after the babe
  14. I can’t wait to clean his/ her clothes
  15. Let his name be called out in the edges of the world
  16. She’s just like you, good for you to produce a mini you
  17. You designed a great work of art right there, congrats
  18. Glad there are two replicas of you, great I have 2 friends already
  19. Congrats, you were just born with a friend
  20. Happy you have the best parents to clean after you and make you a great person
  21. Glad the babe is healthy and joyful , congrats
  22. I have a great feeling about this baby, we are going to be good friends
  23. Today is the most luck day of the year, because she is born today
  24. Babies bring hope and love, let her arrival be cherished
  25. Today is the first day of a new carrier called parenthood
  26. Enjoy the little things, congrats
  27. Good luck in raising s new human
  28. Young and free is over its now committed and care
  29. Happy for you
  30. You kids are blessed to have parents like you
  31. You are going to do great in raising that kid
  32. You are a good human being and you will raise him as a good human being
  33. I like the mini version of you
  34. Sending you and you your daughter all love and support on your special day
  35. So delighted that the babe is finally here
  36. Your family just got 1 step bigger, you know what they say more the merrier
  37. The kid is abundantly blessed with a uncle like me
  38. His cuteness is overflowing
  39. For you I’ll dress like the idiot
  40. I love you to the moon and back
  41. You’re a mother and the greatest job in the world
  42. Your baby’s cuteness is freezing me
  43. That puppy eyes are making me love you more
  44. Oh a baby!!! I skipped a beat
  45. I have two things to tell you you are lucky and the kid is lucky
  46. Congrats for all the love that has grown into your life
  47. Good luck
  48. You are blessed with a beautiful babe, let your life be filled with prosperity
  49. Without a baby you were a couple now you are family, love you.
  50. Let this babe bring all the love in your life

I hope these quotes are helping you with wishing your family all the love


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