Attitude StatusBest Royal Girls Attitude Status & Quotes For Whatsapp

Best Royal Girls Attitude Status & Quotes For Whatsapp


Girls should have minimum attitude, so that people can’t take them for granted. We have collected some Status for Strong Girl.

Best Royal Girls Attitude Status For Whatsapp | Motivational status

  1. I just spark, Fire fires on its own!In official WhatsApp
  2. If you have ego then I have attitude.
  3. I am not a killer it’s my smile that does so.
  • Get mentally prepare before coming to me because I can’t handle mental people
  • My attitude depends on your behavior.
  • Some says I am rude some says I  am arrogant but its in  their heads that defines me.
  • For my hatters I have attitude but for my loved ones I am Angel.
  • Stop peeping toes in my life.  Yes I am a girl and I want independence.
  • Girls also needs freedom. So dear society help out yourself with this opinion.
  • Don’t hinder in my lifestyle. I am the queen of my choices.
  • Your ego will never affect my attitude but vice versa can make many changes.
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  • Be odd to be number one.
  • Be a Butterfly always beautiful and difficult to catch.
  • I have a million dollar smile and not everyone can afford it.
  • Not always free try your luck. —– Best Royal Girls Attitude Status For Whatsapp | Motivational status —–
  • Yes I am crazy because I can’t be boring.
  • Your ego can never be bigger than my attitude. So be careful.
  • I am both best and worst depending on your behavior.
  • My attitude is only the best answer to the fools.
  • Stop judging me by my clothes you don’t have a degree of barrister.
  • Girls follow your dreams instead of following the wrong person.
  • My attitude can be gratitude if you owe that.
  • I am kind, caring, loving but at the same time I have  attitude problem with some.
  • I can be special for many but I want to be the Princess for my dad.
  • Who says angels are not born, I am the best example.
  • I have attitude in my blood.
  • What you think about me is none of my business, at least you have thought of mine.
  • I am Angel by heart and devil by mind
  • You are lucky if you have my phone number.
  • It’s not my attitude but my self-respect.
  • Don’t disturb me while sleeping because I am sleeping beauty.
  • My attitude is just to show you my worth.
  • Living a beautiful life is my right don’t interrupt in it.
  • Angels are born in October. —– Best Royal Girls Attitude Status For Whatsapp | Motivational status —–
  • If you can’t handle my attitude it’s not your fault not everyone can hold expensive things.
  • Yes I have attitude problem.
  • If you talk to me with ego then I will reply you with attitude.
  • I have attitude in my veins.
  • Don’t think too much about me I always hit the hearts.
  • Thinking about me will not bring me in your life you have to earn it.
  • I have a million dollar smile and yes I have attitude.
  • My eyes are enough to takeaway your hearts.
  • If you think I have attitude then you are right.
  • I am queen of many hearts but still I want to be my daddy’s Princess.
  • Love or hate me I don’t care.
  • My attitude begins when you lose your ego
  • Sometimes it’s better to stay quiet in front of fools.
  • My attitude is savage but my heart is diamond.
  • My biggest dream is to make my parents proud.
  • Dear girls Stay focused to your goals, these boys aren’t going anywhere.
  • Sometimes it’s not attitude it’s self respect.
  • Yes I am not perfect but I am original. —– Best Royal Girls Attitude Status For Whatsapp | Motivational status —–
  • Hate me or love me I am still going to shine.
  • I may be not liked by everyone but not  everyone matters to me.
  • Don’t be a girl who needs a man, be a girl a man needs
  • Don’t destroy your life for a wrong person.
  • I don’t compare myself with others, I know I am the best in my own way.
  • Sitting quiet in a silent place can kill the disturbance of our hearts.
  • When I meet people for the first time I may act weird but once you know me I am weird as hell.
  • If you think you can play with my emotions then a warning message is playing with my emotions is like playing with fire.
  • If they can’t say bad to you at your face then it’s fine not everyone have guts.
  • Judge me when you know me .
  • No one can hurt until you give him the rights of doing that.
  • Think before saying yes to a guy, it’s the matter of happiness not there’s.
  • You can hate me or can hate me even more I don’t give a damn care
  • Be gentle and calm till you can listen, once the limit is crossed then introduce them who the hell you are.
  • Smile and smile more let your enemy know how beautiful you are.
  • Always wear a smile at your face because you don’t know how killing your smile is.
  • Be you let the world copy you.
  • To understand me you should be smart.
  • Hey sweetheart chill we all are bad at someone’s story.
  • If you are confused by my personality and my attitude . My personality is who I am and my attitude depends on who you are.
  • Be stupid be silly be weird because being normal is so common.
  • Dear girls make your parents proud instead of crying for a wrong person.
  • Kajal in my eyes is the shooting star for many.
  • I don’t wear heavy makeup I just SMILE.
  • Better to be alone rather than being in a fake company.
  • I don’t need to open my mouth to insult you my eyes are enough .
  • The best thing to do when something hurts you is stop feeling and start smiling.
  • Your ego can definitely hurt me but my attitude can kill you.
  • I am best as a friend but I am worst as enemy.
  • If you don’t like me it’s okay not everybody has a good taste.
  • What you think of me doesn’t bothers me I am born to be myself not to impress you. —– Best Royal Girls Attitude Status For Whatsapp | Motivational status —–
  • Roses are red sky is blue, I have attitude problem what can I do.
  • Listen to your heart follow your passion, live your dreams and love your life. All girls want this.
  • I am always ready for shopping because I easily get bored of old things. So boys be careful.
  • Losing me is like losing your destiny.
  • Be bold be sure.
  • Girls are always in demand.
  • Always wear smile as your make up and have confidence as your Beauty.
  • Haters are like dogs they keeping barking at you.
  • I respect those who respect me when I m not around.
  • Don’t play with my feelings you don’t have idea what a good player I m.
  • It’s better to hate me because if you talk to me you will fall on love .
  • Don’t copy my attitude it’s mine.
  • Love or hate your choice.
  • No matter how much hate you will melt in front of my smile.
  • Yes I am smiling but you are not the reason anymore.
  • A for attitude is to show you my d for dignity.

In official WhatsApp, you can only add 700 character status. If you wish to add long status, you can use third party mods like gbwhatsapp, fmwhatsapp etc.

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