Best QuotesHappy Kiss Day: Wishes, messages, quotes, SMS, and images

Happy Kiss Day: Wishes, messages, quotes, SMS, and images


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  1. Have the best gift for your lips, which is my kiss, full of surprises. <—-Kiss Day Quotes, messages, and images —->
  2. Whenever you feel you are not able to express your love through words, your one kiss will be enough.
  3. When rain kisses you, I feel like silver is dropping on you. Your smile seems like gold.
  4. If you feel that I’m speaking superfluous, just keep your lips on mine to stop me.
  5. Nature is truly incredible, who discovered kiss, a perfect way to express love.
  6. Lips complete two lovers meet; kissing is itself a complete sentence to tell how comfortable I’m with you.
  7. Don’t worry, I’m diabetic, you can kiss me any time.
  8. I’m addicted to sweets, and you are a natural sugar for me, the reason I can’t resist kissing you.
  9. My kiss is completely garnisheed with my love, accept it and return me.
  10. Kissing you always increase my thirst, which drives me to come closer to you.
  11. My kiss is the best thing which I can give you, with all my heart and soul to complete each other.
  12. Kiss is like happiness, more we share more we feel.<—-Kiss Day Quotes, messages, and images —->
  13. I’m addicted to your love, and your kiss is my drug. ………Happy KISS day!!!!!
  14. Have you ever seen the sun when it kisses earth?….how deep their love looks…I love you on same way…… Happy KISS day!!!!
  15. Your one kiss is like a key for me to open all doors of happiness for me, and that makes me forget about this cruel world.
  16. Only two things on earth can make me feel illustrate, first glass of wine, second your kiss.
  17. Hug me when you kiss me…so I can bloom with all fragrance.
  18. Your one kisses worth thousands of diamonds for me. If you want to shower me diamonds, plz do it with your kisses.
  19. A stolen kiss is more precious than an asked one.
  20. When you smile while kissing me, that means a whole world for me.
  21. Hey…I ‘M really feeling sick and your kiss is my medicine.<—-Kiss Day Quotes, messages, and images —->
  22. I never felt that this world is so beautiful, you make me realize with your love and your kiss has changed my view.
  23. When you kiss on my forehead that makes me feel how special I’m for you.
  24. Tour one kiss energizes my whole day like the sun makes shine the whole world, the moon makes everyone in love.
  25. Your kiss is like Oxygen to me, which keeps me breathe and runs in my vans.
  26. You know why we close our eyes when we kiss?/ Because the most beautiful things need to feel not to see.
  27. We cannot see wind, but it keeps an alive, we don’t see happiness, but it is there, same we cannot see our kiss but we can feel it, live it. All I want these feelings to remain the same until I die.
  28. If my kiss touched your heart than its not fake if not might be you had closed all doors. <—-Kiss Day Quotes, messages, and images —->



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