How to Not Be Annoying to Your Crush

You have a crush and you want their acquaintance without annoying them, then here are 50 ways you can do that

  1. Don’t be too eager or at least don’t be too transparent
  2. Stick to common grounds and start conversations
  3. Act normal do not stalk them, at least when they are watching
  4. I’m Take every chance to leave the conversation hanging
  5. Smile at them in the corridors but don’t be too revealing
  6. Pick up the conversation left halfway anytime later
  7. Make them realize you don’t want to be just friends
  8. Make sure they don’t have any one else in their mind
  9. When you text them don’t be too obvious to flirt
  10. Let them know you have a life and don’t reply too soon
  11. Ignore them once in a while
  12. Send them simple and a meaningful messages
  13. Once a while show them you are busy
  14. Send them pictures of the work you’re doing
  15. Send them memes rarely that remembers you of them
  16. Let them know that you think about them in between work
  17. Ask for their opinion in their area of interest
  18. Always make sure you are keeping the distance
  19. Ask them open-ended questions to keep your conversation interesting.
  20. Be kind to your crush so they want to spend time with you
  21. Keep them occupied when they are with you
  22. Relate to them and empathize with them
  23. Tell your crush about yourself.
  24. Tell the truth about your interests so you don’t seem clingy
  25. Limit the amount of compliments you give your crush
  26. Avoid excessively touching your crush
  27. Avoid texting too many times without a response
  28. If they don’t text you back give it some time
  29. When you get reply’s after long time don’t rush in to answer
  30. Send them funny pictures to make them laugh


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