Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Thanks, everyone for all the birthday messages. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family and amazing friends. I’m so grateful for all your wonderful birthday wishes, it was great hearing from everyone, you truly made my day special. Thanks for the birthday wish. Below are the Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

  1. Thank you, brother, for such ugly pictures
  2. Thank you, man! It’s been a long time
  3. Hey thank you so much
  4. Thank you, aunty, for seeking your blessings always
  5. Thanks, dumbo so nice of you to wish me from the same room
  6. Thank you, I would have killed you if you put ugly pics
  7. I thank everyone who wished me on my birthday, thank you
  8. Thank you for taking the time to wish me all thank you so much
  9. To all of you who posted for my birthday thank you so much for all the love
  10. It was great catching up with you after a long time thank you for the wishes stay In touch
  11. Thank you so much
  12. Thanks for the wishes and I know most forgot it say thanks to Facebook else I would have killed you
  13. Thank you all for wishing me today
  14. My birthday was great because I got to hear from all for you
  15. Thank you for all for wishes and prayers
  16. Thanks man
  17. Hey thank you all for the wishes loved all the attention
  18. Thank you all for reminding me that I’m a year older
  19. All your wishes made me feel so good, I almost forgot I’m speeding to death
  20. Thank you all for wishing me and making me special
  21. Thanks for the bday wishes and prayers I couldn’t ask for more
  22. Thank you all very much for wishing me on my bday
  23. Friends and family and stranger thanks to all on wishing me
  24. My awesome birthday was more awesome because of your wishes
  25. I’m happy to know that you all take time to wish me on my bday
  26. Thanks for all the wishes it made feel like a queen/king, which I am
  27. Thank you again for making my bday so good
  28. Thanks for all the wishes and surprises I was truly grateful
  29. I love you all and thanks for the wishes people
  30. Thanks to all the great people who wished me today
  31. Thank you all you are the best thanks for the wishes
  32. Thanks for being a part of my special day and I’m so surprised
  33. Taking this moment to thank all the well wisher a happy bday
  34. I was too drunk in your wishes I was not able to thank you, so now I take the chance to thank you
  35. It was great to hear from you all love you
  36. Thank you for the wishes all
  37. You all made this bday a great one
  38. It was just amazing to get all your wishes
  39. Thank you all for wishing me today
  40. Thank you people I’m grateful for all the wishes
  41. You all mean a lot to me and your wishes were special
  42. Thank you all for your wishes
  43. You all have a special part in my life and thank you all
  44. It was a great bday with your wishes
  45. Thank you man, didn’t think to hear from you
  46. Thanks for wishing me
  47. Thanks yo
  48. Thank you people
  49. Thank you for all the wishes and love
  50. Thank you is all I could say


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