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Best Riddles (with Answers) [2020] – for Kids and Adults


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  • What happens twice in a moment, once in lifetime but never in hundred years?   ANS: M


  • I am a odd number and take away from me a letter so that I become even. Who am I ?    ANS:SEVEN


  • Which have hands but unable to clap?   ANS: CLOCK


  • If  a red house is made up of red bricks and yellow house is made up of yellow bricks then ehat id green house made of?   ANS: GLASS


  • What can be broken before using it?   ANS; EGG


  • If two’s company and three is a crowd, then wat mean four and five?    ANS:NINE

 ————————Best Riddles for Kids and Adults————————-

  • What goes up and never come down?   ANS: AGE


  • What is the word that starts with T and ends with T and also has T in it?    ANS:TEAPOT


  • I am tall when I am young and short when im old, who am I         ANS: CANDLE


  • Can you make a line already drawn much longer?      ANS:DRAW A SHORT LINE AND LONG LINE


  • What is so delicate that even with pronouncing its name breaks it?    ANS:SILENCE


  • What begins with E and has only one letter in it as a whole?   ANS:ENVELOPE


  • How can a leopard change its spots from one place to other?   ANS:BY MOVING ONE SPOT TO OTHER

 ————————Best Riddles for Kids and Adults————————-

  • What is easy to get but hard to get out?   ANS:TROUBLE


  • You casually buy me from dinner but never ate me?    ANS:CUTLERY


  • If you , your brother and sister are not under umbrella but doesn’t get wet then how?   ANS: IT WAS NOT RAINING.


  • Which can see even though it has 4 eyes?   ANS:MISSISIPPI


  • Where does success come before action?   ANS:DICTIONARY


  • After train crash, every single died then who survived?      ANS: ALL COUPLES

 ————————Best Riddles for Kids and Adults————————-

  • Which has full holes but holds water?          ANS: SPONGE


  • How many letters are English alphabet?           ANS:18


  • What answer can you never answer yes ?            ANS;ARE YOU SLEEPING?


  • When things go wrong? What can you count?        ANS: YOUR FINGERS


  • What is in front of you but cant see?               ANS:FUTURE


  • What is black and white and also blue?           ANS:SAD ZEBRA



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