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Top 9 Foolproof Way to Get Water Out of Ear


People love swimming in the swimming pool, and go to the beach with their family, and enjoy swimming with the waves. However, sometimes water gets into our ears while swimming. It’s not good for ears, and most people hate when it happens. If you could remove that water, you would feel good. But to remove it, you have to know the proper techniques to do it. Well, don’t worry. We are here with a foolproof way to get water out of the ear. The methods of this article are easy to do and will remove water effortlessly.

9 foolproof way to get water out of ear:

Gravity Method:

It is the simplest and most effective method of removing water from the ear. Tilt your head and hold the affected ear parallel to the floor. Lean your head and shake your ears. Now you don’t need to do anything; gravity will do all. This method should clean your ear easily. Take a cotton swab to clear any remaining water in your ears.

Valsalva Maneuver:

To do this trick, You need to close your mouth, pinch your nostrils, and take a deep breath. Scuba divers and airline travellers most use this trick. It helps to control pressure and remove the fluid. This method can remove unwanted water from your ear.

Vacuum Method:

Putting the palm of your hand over your affected ear and pushing softly for a few moments will form a suction effect that can remove water. Repeat the process until all water is gone. Use this technique only when your ear is facing the floor.

Blow Dryer Method:

Everyone has a blow dryer at home; that blow dryer will remove water from your ear. Start the dryer on the minimum blow and heat. Dry your ear with its hot air but keep the dryer a foot away. Never let the dryer touch the ear. The dryer’s hot air will evaporate the water, and your ear will be clean. If you feel pain, stop the method.

foolproof way to get water out of ear
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Damp Washcloth Method:

To do this method, damp a washcloth in hot sizzling water, squeeze out the extra water, and keep the compress against your ear for roughly 30 seconds. Do this two to three times. Finally, End by using the gravity technique. However, you can also use a heating pad. Take breaks constantly, so the compress never gets too hot.

Homemade Eardrops:

These drops will get water out of your ear and kill bacteria. To make the drops, Blend one Tsp of alcohol and one Tsp of vinegar. Take it in a dropper and put two drops in the ear. Rub the entrance of your ear softly; after 30 seconds, lean your heat to drain extra water.

Eardrops of Hydrogen Peroxide:

These eardrops are helpful because of their bubbly feature. Find a dropper and put four drops of eardrop. Wait for a few minutes so the solution can settle. Finally, lean your head, and the water and fluid come out.

Chew and Yawn:

This method is so easy and effective. Moving jaws and mouth forms pressure inside your ear and helps clean the ear. You can try chewing gum and yawning to make water come out.

Use Pharmacy Eardrops:

Well, any of these methods don’t work, and you still have water in your ear. You can head over to a pharmacy store and buy OTC eardrops. Luckily, these eardrops are created to release water from the ear.

These are all the methods to remove the water from your ear. You can choose which one is your foolproof way to get water out of ear.

How does it feel when water is in the ear?

When water is in your ear, It feels like water splashing in your ear. You will feel that your ear is blocked. Sometimes you will feel pain, which can also affect your hearing abilities. Every sound and voice will sound like you are underwater. It can also cause ear infections and even give you fever, nausea or headache.

foolproof way to get water out of ear
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How does water get into the ear?

Our ears are created perfectly to allow water in and out without acquiring water in your ear. Ears create ear wax that guards our ears against dust, insects and bacteria. The wax clears waste from the ear and even serves as waterproofing for water in the ear. However, sometimes water is too deep in the ear, so the ear can not flush it out, and you get water in your ears.

Risks of Water in Your Ear:

It will not seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal. You need to get that water out of your ear as soon as possible. If you get water in your water after swimming, you can get a bacteria infection that causes many bacteria to float in the water. However, you can get an infection from showering or swimming pool. You can feel pain because of ear infections, and it can cause jaw pain and vertigo. If you leave these infections untreated, it can lead to hearing loss. So a foolproof way to get water out of your ear should be your first choice when you get water in your ear.

Take Precaution:

No ne likes water in their ears. Now you know how water gets into your ear, you can prevent it by taking some precautions: First, Use earplugs before getting into the water. It will save your ears from getting unwanted water in them. The second precaution to take is never to go into dirty water. Always check the water is clean because dirty water has many bacteria. So, always go into clear and bacteria-free water.


What is a foolproof way to get water out of the ear?

There are many ways to get water out of the ear; however, the gravity method is the fastest and most effective among all the other methods. 

Will the water in the ear eventually come out?

Yes, water comes out of the ear naturally. However, sometimes it doesn’t come out. Use the above methods to get water out.

What are some methods to remove water from the ear?

You can remove excess water from your ear by using these methods: Gravity, Blow Dryer, Chew and Yawn, Damp Washcloth and Valsalva Maneuver.


We love swimming in the pool and the ocean for fun. However, sometimes this fun gives us water in our ears. Luckily, water naturally comes out of the ear. However, occasionally water doesn’t remove naturally; you have water in your ear, and it’s not a good feeling. If this happens, use our foolproof way to get water out of ear, which we shared in this article. We gave you nine methods to remove excess water from the ear. However, we suggest you wear earplugs before going in the water because Prevention is better than cure. Tell us in the comments which method you like the most for removing water from your ears.

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