Best QuotesHappy Hug Day Messages and Wishes

Happy Hug Day Messages and Wishes


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  1. Maybe I’m not able to hug you by my arms, but definitely I’ll HUG you in my prayers. <—-Best Status, Quotes, Wishes and messages for Happy Hug Day–>
  2. Every relation has given and taken, so I’m giving you a hug, just take it.
  3. My hug is my way to tell you…YOU MATTERS TO ME A LOT!!!!!
  4. If you can share your joy and sadness with the same person, don’t wait just go and hug them, let them feel how special they are.
  5. Thank you so much so my making my life brighter and meaningful. My hug is a small gesture to thank you.<—-Best Status, Quotes, Wishes and messages for Happy Hug Day–>
  6. When you feel alone I’ll be your shadow when you feel sad I’ll be your shoulder when you want warmth I’ll there to hug you.
  7. I want to be your pillow to sleep w, so that every time when sleep, you’ll hug me.
  8. Just wrap your arms around me, and I’ll give you my most precious gift as my hug.
  9. When we hug each other, it’s the meeting of two hearts with a promise to be there for each other.
  10. A hug is the only way to get a return gift immediately, with everyone with a smile.
  11. A simple way to express love is a hug, a way to say I’m missing you. A hug can calm and cheer someone at any circumstances.
  12. My hug is totally free just for you, with no tax, no EMI, no side effect just with all my love and care.<—-Best Status, Quotes, Wishes and messages for Happy Hug Day–>
  13. It’s wonderful when you have someone to hug with the same feelings too.
  14. Its feel me like I’m in heaven, whenever you wrap your arms around me. I wanna stay forever in this dreamy world.
  15. The warmth of your hug makes me feel that I’m melting, and I don’t mind it.
  16. When you hold me in your arms, every happiness of this earth comes to me.
  17. Let’s just celebrate this hug day with warmth, love and feeling with.
  18. I wish one day when I come closer to you, you take the next step to closer and welcome me with all of your love with a huge hug.
  19. A hug from the heart is more powerful than any word.
  20. Your hug gives me confidence that whatever would be the situation, you are always going to be my side. Happy HUG day!!!!
  21. Meaning of love changes completely when some come and hug you with all his warmth and love.
  22. If you are short of words, just hug me, it will let me know whatever is in your heart.
  23. Whenever you feel things are not working between us, just a hug, what I wish from you to melt all disputes.
  24. Your hug works as a fuel to me, which I need to fill every day.
  25. I understood the power of a hug when I hugged you for first. Now all I want to feel the same power for the rest of my life.
  26. For me the best feeling in this world is to embrace you warmly and make you feel comfortable.
  27. I need your hug desperately as it works as a power booster for me.
  28. Your hug heals my wounds and makes me realize how privileged I’m.
  29. A hug works as a ‘jaddu ki jhappi’ especially when it comes from you. And my words are less to express my gratitude to you.<—-Best Status, Quotes, Wishes and messages for Happy Hug Day–>
  30. Have a small request to you, hug me when you mean it.
  31. When you feel how to question me, act like an octopus and grab me, I’ll tell you the answer.





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