Best Quotes50+ Inspiring Friendship Quotes for Best Friends in English

50+ Inspiring Friendship Quotes for Best Friends in English


Getting true friend is like getting some treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. So let’s celebrate this true friendship with some amazing Friendship Quotes.

Best Inspiring Friendship Quotes for Best Friends in English

  1.  Friendship is a word that can be explained with feelings.
  2.  One bike four friends, one plate of food four friends, one t-shirt four friends, moral of the story we four are constant.
  3. A friend is one who can turn your had mood into laughter.
  4. One person who knows your weaknesses and strength still encourages you to be you is your friends.
  5. Of course I have some selected friends but they are my world.
  6. There are something that only a true friend can understand.
  7.  I can’t choose which family I want but I can chose my friend.
  8.  Many people comes in our life but only few leaves footprints.
  9.  Friendship is the best mathematician. It knows to multiply your laughter and divide your sorrow.
  10. When I tell my problems to my friends it gives me a way too relief.
  11. Listen to your friends opinion only they knows you better than yourself.
  12. One phone two fingerprints, not lovers buy the lifelines(friends)
  13. I have a useless friend who is not less than a jewel.
  14. What would we can do without our friends.
  15. Ofcourse we don’t talk much now, but whenever we does it gives me peace.
  16. Talking to friends in your hard day’s is another way of motivation.
  17. Not my friend he is my family.
  18. A true can see the pain even in your I M OKAY!
  19. Sometimes being with your friends is the best therapy you need.
  20. Not everyone knows my side
  21. You are my 24×7 helpline.
  22. My partner in crime , I love you a lot.
  23. Dear stupid dost,

        I may not express that you are a gift from heaven to me, I can’t tell you who are you to me. Just wanna say I love you and I want you to be my side forever. Best Inspiring Friendship Quotes for Best Friends in English

  • A true friend is the one who makes you remind of those things which are important to you.
  • Nobody can understand us the way our friends do
  • Every line explained by your best friend will be remembered to you because he knows how shitty taste you have.
  • A friend can be your mother, father, sister, brother at the very same time. So don’t dare to lose him. He is your family.
  • Don’t ignore your friend when he is in need because he only have YOU.
  • A friend is your punching bag you can call him any time for your nonsense talk.
  • Feel free to talk to your friend he has all the weirdest answer to make you laugh .
  • Our friendship is like circle that has no ends.
  • You are a circle and I am your π i.e. constant
  • As time is to watch, Tom is to Jerry, that is you to me.
  • Our friendship is a connection of hearts tied with a single threads.
  • We are divided by borders but United by hearts.
  • Things changes, time changes, people changes but what remains constant is our friendship.
  • Friendship is a feeling that can’t be express but is experienced
  • The most expensive is my friend to me.
  • A true friend is hard to find. I am amazed how did you find me
  • One bike four friends writing lots of memories and memories bring back memories bring back yeah!!
  • In this world of “koi kissi ka nahi hai”

       Be someone’s “ tera yaar hu mai”.

  • It feels so special when your friend says I am there with you don’t worry!

I hope you like these quotes Best Inspiring Friendship Quotes for Best Friends in English . please leave your comments below.

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