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Top 50 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like


Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like

Understanding girls can be hard, but take your chance and explore before you take a step, do not stereotype any girl so here are some Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like to help you start a conversation with a girl.

  1. If she’s really into makeup and stuff learn about it
  2. Some girls like makeup but do not want to talk about it, such cases always go for award functions or Grammys
  3. The music they listen to can tell a lot of things about them irrespective of the language
  4. What haircut to get
  5. Color that suits them better
  6. Common grounds on any topic
  7. Series of any language
  8. Her place of birth
  9. Favorite color
  10. Her comfort food
  11. Her best days in life
  12. Some girls love psychology
  13. People who like deep convos, like talking about existence
  14. Dreams and goals
  15. Family and background
  16. If both of you are really comfortable, ask her about previous love life only if she is comfortable sharing it with you
  17. Your best pranks
  18. Hobbies common to both
  19. Tell her about your worst experience
  20. What you taught of her in the first look
  21. Your first impression
  22. Your hard times
  23. You can always ask her for help
  24. Travel experience
  25. Movies they watch
  26. If they are night or morning person
  27. About your day
  28. About yourself
  29. Ask her questions make her feel your interested unless your really interested it’s not a problem
  30. Complimenting her talents if you really want to
  31. Making plans to hangout
  32. Accomplishments
  33. Passion
  34. Plans for future
  35. Talk about what she is up to in life
  36. Places we’ve been to on vacations
  37. Talk about funny stuff
  38. Don’t flirt with her
  39. Technology
  40. Her favorite personality
  41. News
  42. Sports
  43. Food they love
  44. Books they’ve read
  45. Favorite author
  46. favorite music and artist
  47. Pets
  48. Social media accounts
  49. Pervious friends
  50. Nature, their favorite part of nature

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