Best QuotesTop 50 Self Respect Quotes | Inspirational Quotes

Top 50 Self Respect Quotes | Inspirational Quotes


Self Respect Quotes

The person you respect the most should be you, when you lose self-respect you lose everything around. Here are few Self Respect Quotes to motivate your self-respect.

  1. When the world is against you, you stand for you
  2. If someone is disrespecting you, make them feel bad about it
  3. Never lower your standards for anything, anyone or anytime you are who you are
  4. Respecting you, means pulling yourself away from toxic relations and loving yourself
  5. Self-respect brings attitude whereas respect for others is love
  6. What is not achieved with your presence can be achieved In your absence
  7. Most of the times it’s not about ego or attitude it’s about self respect
  8. I’m a great person, I know it because I can respect myself
  9. Shaming comes with consequences, but trust yourself
  10. Stay where you are, don’t lower your standards for someone acting childish
  11. Respect is what we get on how we act
  12. You can’t force respect, that’s what makes it special
  13. The least you could do is respect the inner self
  14. Sometimes all you have to do is it distance yourself from toxic people
  15. Be brave enough to choose you
  16. If you don’t respect yourself who else would
  17. Never beg for somebody in your life, if their meant to be they’ll be
  18. You can loose people but not self respect
  19. Know enough to distinguish between somebody who wants you and somebody who’ll do anything to keep you
  20. It’s enough if you believe in you
  21. You don’t have to prove anybody, anything, these fools with learn that eventually
  22. No matter what if they hate they’ll keep putting you down
  23. If it costs you you’re self respect it’s worthless
  24. People who invest in you believe you, and don’t chance the others
  25. Self respect brings respect from others
  26. Treat them like how they treat you nothing more nothing less
  27. You tell people how to treat you, by respecting yourself
  28. Self respect comes from discipline
  29. Loving yourself more is the need of the hour
  30. People who are rude to you are worthless to talk to
  31. Practice self care
  32. If you can’t love yourself you can’t love someone else
  33. Be alone and with self respect rather than with people and no dignity
  34. I choose my standards over your attitude
  35. I’d stand here all day arguing you’re wrong, but the thing is I don’t want to teach you anything
  36. You’d eventually be deprived of your choices
  37. Problem is that people learn more when you’re not around
  38. The sooner you start putting yourself before others, the sooner you’ll find about self love
  39. You are not their backup plan
  40. Be on top or don’t be at all
  41. I’d give you second chances, but I’ll be disrespecting my self respect
  42. Comparison is not the answer
  43. With love comes lot of responsibilities
  44. Don’t throw your self respect on the streets for the dogs
  45. The place to keep your self respect is on your head
  46. Wear that attitude like a crown
  47. Never bow your head, never let your crown fall down
  48. When you are you, the world just adjusts
  49. Earn respect not money
  50. Leave when its time to save your respect


  1. […] Respecting yourself is the best thing ever. If you do not respect yourself, no one can do it. Self-respect is adoring yourself and treating yourself with care. A feeling of pride and confidence in your ability and worth is also known as self-respect. We always read many Quotes about Attitude self respect quotes, love, respect, care, and inspiration. When you love yourself, some people call it attitude, but you can call it self-respect in your language.  […]

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