Best Quotes2020 Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images

2020 Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images


We have come with a vast collection of Janmashtami Wishes to greet your loved ones on the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary.

Happy Janmashtami 2020 | Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images

Krishna Janmashtami the day when Lord Krishna was born. The one who gave the lessons of life. His teachings have helped everyone. So let’s celebrate the birthday of a great soul and wish each-other Happy Janamashtami.

  1. The way Lord Krishna showed the path to Arjuna in the battle, May lord Krishna shows you the path of life. Happy Krishna Janmashtami.
  2. I wish that you be blessed with all happiness and love. Happy Janamashtami.
  3. He who was born today taught the world to be united and follow the path of truth.
  4. The divine rhythm of Krishna’s flute has given peace to everyone in the same way that sweetness comes your way.
  5. Lets us understand the real meaning of lives that Lord Krishna taught to us and render ourselves in the feet of Krishna.
  6. Oh Krishna! Come back to the world and finish all the sins.
  7. I wish that Lord Krishna comes your home and you be blessed with all love and happiness.
  8. He who taught the real meaning of everything let us together follow his path to know more about this. ——- Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images ———-
  9. Good luck, good wishes to you and your family.
  10. Oh Krishna! Be with us so that we can find ourselves and follow the path of rightness.
  11. Govinda is here, let us break the matki and engrossed in the magic of lord Krishna.
  12. You taught us how to live. happy birthday to almighty
  13. The adornment of Krishna gives my eyes the real peace and beauty.
  14. Every relation with you is perfect. Whether it’s Sudhama or Mira. You have spread love to all.
  15. After getting your guidance the Pandavas win the battle, be the charioteer of our lives so that we can attain enlightenment.
  16. In this world, full of Shakuni, I want you to be my Krishna.
  17. You showed the world, the path of enlightenment. We welcome you in our lives Madhav.
  18. Happy Janmashtami to you all.
  19. Have faith in him. He does when it’s time to do.
  20. Follow his principle to find him.
  21. You are the sole director of my heart, soul, and mind. ——- Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images ———-
  22. May lord Krishna vanish all your problems and pain from your lives and show you the best path for you.
  23. Finding him can be tough but following him is easy. Follow to find him. Jai Shree Krishna
  24. The undefeatable power, the purest soul, the magical being on the earth was you, Krishna.
  25. The divine soul that made people believe in truth and humanity. Radhe Radhe.  
  26. Your teachings have changed the minds of many.
  27. This Janmashtami, may murali Manohar comes your way and showers his blessing and love to you and your family.
  28. Let us come together and celebrate the birthday of Muralidhar.
  29. This Jananastami lets beak matik’s not the hearts, spread gulal and happiness and say Jai Shree Krishna to all Krishna fans.
  30. Wishing you and your family, happy Krishna Janmashtami. May the Natkhat Gopal come your way and gives you the ultimate source of happiness.
  31. The melody of Krishna flute may fill your life with sweetness.
  32. The most beautiful day, when you came to this world, to keep the world safe and to teach the meaning of everything.
  33. Nand ke Anand bhaiyo Jai ho nand lal ki, haathi Ghoda paal ki Jai kanhhiya lal ki. Happy Janmashtami to you all Krishn Bhakt.
  34. Yashoda ke lal

Radha ke Ghanshyam

Guwalo k Kanha

Gopiyo ke Nandlala.

  • Aap sabhi ko Janamashtmi ki badhiaya
  • Geeta ka Gyan Diya, Jeevan ka vardn diya. Shree Krishna Kanhaiya lal ki jai.
  • Krishna Janmashtami ki bahut bahut badhai. Jai Shree Krishna
  • Krishna ki bhakti hi sabse acchi lagti. Jai Shri Krishna
  • Na Aastra se na shatra se aaap to Jaane jaate ho apne charitr se. Jai Shree Krishna. ——- Happy Janmashtami Wishes, Messages and images ———-
  • Murli ki jhankar sunave, nand Lala jhum jhum Kar naache, Maiya Yashoda jo data Laga de, Badi saralta se unhe manale. Itne natkhat hai ki gopiya ko sataate hai, mere nandlala sabse anhoke khelate hai.
  • Radha ke sang raas, hum sab ke hyridya me waas, isliye to aap hai bahut khass.

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