Best QuotesHappy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, SMS for Whatsapp

Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, SMS for Whatsapp [2020]


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Soft toys are special for girls and even some grown up women. Teddy is a symbol of cute love, that that’s people celebrate the teddy day. Today you could buy a small teddy for your lover. If gifting a big teddy is feasible, you should go for it. Or else, you can always buy a symbolic teddy like small key chains, or even a greeting card with teddy will do. Below are the best Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, Messages for Whats app.

  1. For me you are like my teddy, soft, sweet, kind and caring. Who makes me happy in my pain. Happy Teddy day my teddy.


  1. I want to be make sure, u always have someone to hug, either me or my teddy.



  1. Like teddy do not change his caring nature with time, I’ll also not change with passing time. Happy teddy day.


  1. Till the end of time you will always be mine as sunshine.



  1. All stars are not enough express my love for you. U makes me smile like no one can do.

——————-Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, Messages for Whats app————- 


  1. U are so cute and huggable like a sweet teddy with no attitude.


  1. You are my emotional sweet teddy in this cruel world, who gives me shine and hope.


  1. You flow in my vans like my blood and pump my heart. Happy teddy day.


  1. I want to spend my all passing moments with you by hugging you, like you hug your teddy bear.

——————-Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, Messages for Whats app————-  


  1. A teddy can create a magic in in our love life. So let them create on this special teddy day.


  1. You can’t sleep without your teddy and I can’t sleep without my teddy which is you.


  1. My life without you is like a room without a teddy, incomplete.


  1. This teddy is my heart don’t throw it don’t break it. Keep it always close to you.


  1. This teddy is sweet, quite companion for you, meanwhile I’m not with you.

——————-Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, Messages for Whats app————-  


  1. I hug your teddy, whenever I remember you. That’s make me feel I’m with you.


  1. Whenever I hug your teddy, I feel your presence around me.


  1. I’m sending this teddy as a messenger to you to tell you my love, I’m missing you.


  1. I’ll always stay near as you always keep your teddy bear.


  1. Sometime silence is better than any word, like teddy, who never speaks a word but warm everyone.

 ——————-Happy Teddy Day Status, Wishes, Messages for Whats app————- 


  1. Sending you a teddy with a sign, you are gonna to be forever mine.

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