Best QuotesPromise Day 2020: Quotes, messages, and images

Promise Day 2020: Quotes, messages, and images


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  1. I’m sure one day we will make this happening that I can promise you. <—— Best Status Quotes, Wishes and Messages for promise day—>
  2. Whatever I’m promising you, just keeps in mind they are just trailer, I’ll give even more.
  3. Every time you don’t need to say…..I PROMISH!!! Just do it..that will be more powerful.   <—— Best Status Quotes, Wishes and Messages for promise day—>
  4. Let’s do a small promise today..U r not gonna leave me, and your love will be mine forever…
  5. I love you, since I start knowing what love is, and believe it’s going to be forever.
  6. Whenever you will feel lonely, I’ll be your companion, whenever you will feel depressed, I will be your motivation, let me promise you, I’ll be your blanket whenever you will feel cold.
  7. It’s not hard to keep a promise, but once its break, will not happen again.
  8. I’m not sure I’ll be with you for your lifetime, but I can promise that I will not leave you till the time I’m alive.
  9. I don’t want your promise I trust you, just don’t break it, so that I’ll have trust issue.
  10. I’ll be there anything, whenever you feel lost, just recall me, you will find me beside.
  11. The promise comes with hope and by keeping your promise you do a commitment.
  12. If any promise breaks you, it’s good to break it. 
  13. Just promise me, whenever stars shine you are gonna with me to watch them together.
  14. My love is a pure promise to you from my heart is neither going to be written nor pledge.  <—— Best Status Quotes, Wishes and Messages for promise day—>
  15. I’m so grateful that I born with my lucky stars, so I get you, just promise be will always stay together and will follow the rainbow towards its end.
  16. A promise which you did today not to leave me, just break that, otherwise doesn’t make it.
  17. I promise I’’ love you without any expectations, will stay always with you without any intension, will care you without any ego. .. Happy Promise Day!!!
  18. Until the day I die, you will always find me standing right by your side in any good or bad. That I’m promising you today….
  19. Destiny made us meet, star made us fall in love, now it’s my heart who is promising you, no one can apart us.
  20. Never do a fake promise you don’t have the courage to keep them… It will make you insane one day in your own eyes.
  21. Let’s promise to each other, will not make us look down, and will be a strength for us forever.
  22. Distance doesn’t matter when you are in true love. I’ll always love you by my soul unconditionally.
  23. Might be I’m a big spoiler, but let me promise you I’ll not blunder anything which can harm you.
  24. Once I do any promise, Today, tomorrow and even centuries don’t matter for me. All I want is your trust in me.
  25. Maybe you forget me in your happiness, but whenever you feel crying, call me …might be I’ll not make you laugh but I’m promising you, I’ll not leave you
  26. Promises for stars…they are old fashioned. Promise that you will treat me good and will always stand with me under the sky at the time of blossom and storm.
  27. I fall in love when I saw you, I courage to express my love, now I’m confident, I’ll not leave you.  <—— Best Status Quotes, Wishes and Messages for promise day—>
  28. In all your good or bad times, you will always find me stand with you, I promise I’ll besides you for a lifetime. And you know as well I’m a person of my words.

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