Best QuotesTop 50+ Best Sweet Breakup Quotes

Top 50+ Best Sweet Breakup Quotes


Sweet Breakup Quotes

Have you put all your love in one place and lost it, that feeling is known to a lot of people yet a sweet mystery here are some quotes in breakup. Below are the Sweet Breakup Quotes.

  1. Hear that sound, my respect and love for you shatter
  2. You gave me a forever in numbered days and for which I’m eternally grateful
  3. Loves like chocolate it will give pleasure for a short while
  4. We loved we kissed and in all, it was just ME no US
  5. Don’t leave me hanging when you said you’d stay
  6. I gave you all my love and you graciously took it all and left
  7. My lives was awesome with you and I’ll make it more awesome now that you’re gone
  8. I asked the wrong genie or the wrong wish for us to be together
  9. I feel the same way, I saw you for the first time, just that now we totally acquainted and filled with hate
  10. You left my heart to suffer alone and it feels like you are not even human
  11. It was a fun roller coaster, which I knew would come to an end
  12. You trying to replace me, it’s never gonna happen
  13. Hate me, as much, but it was the best for both of us
  14. There’s thin line between love and hate
  15. Wish you never dated me, and I never you
  16. You were searching for someone else in me and it never worked out
  17. I stated to feel the space between us, and it only grew bigger
  18. Like the sky ends up in land as rain I ended up at the deepest drains, for the mistake of loving you
  19. You cherished me too much now I disgust you too much, it’s not me who changed its you , who changed
  20. Made you mine, forgot your worth and lost you to the seas
  21. I was over when I said, I love you and you did not say it back
  22. Heart never forgets happy and the sad places you took me to
  23. You left me, did not see me, did not talk to me, how are keeping up are you safe?
  24. Made wrong decisions, which can’t be replaced because what I played with is your heart
  25. My heart’s playing against me, when you are still here
  26. You came I like and dream and left like a nightmare
  27. I did not want to wake up from the dream and did not knew you’re just a dream
  28. You forgot, you left
  29. Are you true or just a shadow that was meant to leave in the darkest times
  30. You were love, hurt, drama, lies, change and hallucination
  31. You are the dream that changed to night mare
  32. You were supposed to be my future not my past
  33. You’re the one that I want, and want someone else
  34. Little do you how I’m breaking when you left me
  35. All my shattered heart is still in the ground
  36. Started in the strangest way, didn’t see it coming
  37. My heart misses you
  38. The air Between us is searching for the intimacy
  39. Loving you was, a mere slavery game
  40. I dreamt a dream, which is not shredded, it’s just that you are not a part of it
  41. I’m single superstar now
  42. I wanted to do it for a long time now, now that you are gone, I’m going for it
  43. We just broke up
  44. You promised the world and I fell for it-lose you to love me(Selena Gomez)
  45. We’d always go into it blindly and I killed myself on the process
  46. I hate that I loved you
  47. You mesmerized me and the memories bring back you
  48. Somebody said your name, and I was happy sad for a second
  49. Cheers, the ones we lost on our way
  50. Memories bring back, memories bring back you- memories

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