Appreciation Quotes50+ Motivational Status and Quotes for Whats App and...

50+ Motivational Status and Quotes for Whats App and Bio


Motivational Status and Quotes for Whats App and Bio

Here is a list of 50 Motivational Status and Quotes that will inspire you to succeed. Use these quotes to inspire you to grow more, learn more, work harder, simplify your life.

  1. Greatness comes from within not from others.
  2. Passion leads to riches follow it.
  3. Wrong trains take you to the right stations.
  4. Look back if you haven’t embarrassed yourself you haven’t found yourself yet.
  5. If can’t settle for ordinary you probably don’t know what’s extraordinary.
  6. It’s okay if you’re not the lion be something instead of being nothing.
  7. Success is a passing cloud, values are the mountains.
  8. What’s great about you is not your works it’s your attitude.
  9. Don’t miss the opportunity to clean the dirt it may lead to something greater.
  10. It’s okay to live some days, pass through some, and exist in others, you did great.
  11. They will keep trying to have you under their wings, show them what it feels like to fly.
  12. You are one of a kind and your madness is what that makes you love it.
  13. Life isn’t a cartoon when you fall there are no flying birds and stars above your head but people laughing at you, cherish at least you made some people laugh. — Motivational Status and Quotes —-
  14. You can’t lose self-respect, show them what a self-righteous person you are.
  15. If you can’t take criticism you can’t take greatness.
  16. Don’t let the looser bring you down; remember what you think is only that matters.
  17. Don’t be normal dare to do extraordinary things make it normal.
  18. Do it!! What’s the worst thing that could happen, you’d be embarrassed? Haven’t we got past it?
  19. Some people are blessed, you are talented there’s a difference, make it happen.
  20. Making a difference is an art not everyone can excel.
  21. Your life is no movie; you can’t expect to grow rich in a song, but definitely slow and steadily.
  22. Your little heart does not scare people, but your crazy mind inspires them
  23. If Emily Dickinson followed her parents there wouldn’t be 2000 poems, some inevitable marks are made through breaking the rules.
  24. When you grow self-sufficient they come lurking to destroy you, build yourself.
  25. “You can’t” is the shortest motivation you need.
  26. Put your heart into passion and winning will never leave your heart.
  27. Don’t look back what’s done is done, what could be done is what that matters thereafter.
  28. Regret can bring back nothing whereas the change in attitude can bring about a better you.
  29. Believe you are the best at what you do, if not you who else?
  30. Be proud of your work and take the credit you made it happen, remember you can do much better.
  31. Be on top or don’t be at all.
  32. Doesn’t matter if you did not win, what matters is did you finish it?
  33. Talent and success are two different things; there are millions of talented unsuccessful people.
  34. Your problem is not the problem, how you react to it is.
  35. Don’t forget, they corner you because they are afraid of you, take over and take control.
  36. You are not the little princess; you can do more than just cooking.
  37. Don’t let others tell you, what you’re capable of, you knew what you were capable of when you killed shame.
  38. Good people are those who follow the rules, great people are those who framed it; extraordinary people are those who break them.
  39. If you can’t motivate yourself nobody else can.
  40. Hard ways mold you for greatness.
  41. Want to prove yourself? Get up, and leave the place first, your cozy pit will never let you do that.
  42. If you fear living an ordinary life and oblivion, do something, instead of sitting there and talking about it.
  43. Follow the lead, learn quickly, and decide now if you want to lead or follow another person.
  44. Don’t fear the failure, fear what you can’t do.
  45. Don’t go to bed angry, forget it or plot a revenge
  46. When they don’t want you to grow, you don’t have to be on their good side. Growing is the only revenge.
  47. Everyone’s definition of success is different, like what you do, how you do, that’s a success.
  48. Nothing is the best thing you can do at times.
  49. Never regret, many successful people choose to not regret, these regrets lead to success.
  50. Failure and success are two same roads with different endings, cross paths from time to time so that you will know where your road is leading you.



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